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  Travel lǚyóu 〖tour; tourism, trip〗, Xinhua Dictionary is defined as travel tours. The word comes from the Latin "tornare" and Greek "tornos", which means "lathe or circle; around a central point or axis of movement." The meaning of evolution in modern English as "order." Suffix-ism is defined as "an action or process; and the specific behavior or characteristics", while the suffix-ist is means "those who engage in certain activities." Root tour with the suffix-ism and-ist together, that in accordance with the circular path of movement, so tourism means a trip back and forth, referring back to the starting point of the activities after leaving; to complete the journey the men were being called for the tourists (Tourist).
  "Webster Collegiate Dictionary," on tour is: "Entertainment for the purpose of travel; services for travelers and travel industry."
  "Travel," the definition of three different angles:
  Concept definition (ConceptualDefinition): to provide a theoretical framework for determining the basic characteristics of tourism it with other similar, sometimes related, but with a distinction between different activities.
  Technical definition (Techn010gicaIDefinitjon): use it to travel for statistical and legislative information. The technical definition of a variety of travel or restrict the meaning provided in the domestic and international areas have been widely used. The latter approach, that technology help to achieve comparability with the definition of international tourism standardization of data collection.
  Theory of Definition: What are people happy to find a spiritual experience and for the non-settlement of travel and tours in the course of the phenomenon occurred in the sum of all the relations and.
  Note: the definition of tourism in the tourism industry, whether domestic or foreign, is not a very accurate and uniform definition, are vague. With the expansion of the scale tourism, the rise of the tourism industry, giving rise to a different understanding of the meaning of tourism, so as to contents and form of presentation of different technical definition of it everywhere.
  China generally considered: tourism is a modern way of life in different places of temporary, with the enjoyment of amateur sex and so on.
  Travel Origin
  Tourism is a pioneer in business, the first national tour of the Phoenicians were at sea.
  Travel as a social act, namely the existence of ancient China is one of the world's ancient civilizations, the rise of travel activities also highest in the world, China's early 22 century BC, there was. The most typical traveler was probably the number of Yu the Great, he Jiujiang 18 to dredging river, tour the beautiful mountains and rivers. After that, the Warring States of Lao Tzu, Confucius had two. I preach and ride west to young cattle. Confucius travel the world giving lectures. Han of the Han Dynasty, as far as Persia, now Iran and Syria. Tang Shixuan stout pilgrimage to India, during the Ming Zheng He's seven voyages, as far as the East African coast, as well as large customers were travelers Shu Travels.
  First, the definition of modern tourism
  (1) defines the three elements of tourism
  Despite the above mentioned technical definition should apply to international travel and domestic tourism are two areas that, but the time involved in domestic tourism, the definition is not used to all the countries. However, most countries have adopted the internationally accepted definition of three elements:
  - The purpose of travel
  - Travel distance
  - Duration of stay
  (2) the definition of the purpose of travel
  To the scale-based definition is intended to cover the main elements of modern tourism.
  - General recreational tourism, non-mandatory or discretionary tourism. They leisure travelers as tourists only to, and intends to separate out business travel.
  - Business and conference tourism, is often a certain amount of entertainment and tourism together. Tourism also attended the meeting as a tourism official.
  - Religious tourism, religious activities, activities for the purpose of travel.
  - Sports tourism, and major sporting events linked to tourism.
  (3) the definition of the travel distance
  Remote Travel (Non-10calTravel): Many national, regional and institutional use of residence and travel distances between destinations as an important statistical measure.
  Travel Distance: set standards vary widely, from 0 to 160 km) range. Less than the minimum required by the official travel itinerary of travel estimates are not included with the artificial and arbitrary standards.
  (4) of the definition of length of stay
  Overnight visitors: In order to meet the limit, "tourists" in the text standard, the majority of the tourists and visitors in the definition are included with the destination must be at least one night stay requirements.
  "Overnight" requirement put many entertainment-based "day trip" to exclude the fact, "day trips" are often tourist attractions, restaurants and other tourist facilities an important source of income.
  (5) other
  Tourists live: Before the development of relevant market, market positioning and strategy, understanding tourist residence other than to determine demographic factors, such as ethnic and nationality more important.
  Transportation: mainly for better planning, a number of destinations through the collection of visitor transport means (air, train, ship, bus, car or other tools) information to obtain information on tourist travel patterns.
  Second, the definition of international organizations on tourism
  (1) in 1936, the first definition of international tourists
  In the interim between the two world wars, the world's international tourism revenue growth, and therefore statistically urgent need for a more accurate definition. 1936 at an international forum, the State Statistics Committee of Experts League the first time, "refers to foreign tourists to leave their habitual residence to travel to other countries at least 24 hours or more." In 1945, the United Nations (instead of the original National Union) accepted this definition, but added, "the longest period not exceeding 6 months," the limit.
  (2) the definition of the World Tourism Organization
  In 1963, the United Nations International Tourism Conference held in Rome. The conference was the international official Tourism Organization Alliance (English name of the abbreviation for the IUOTO, now the World Tourism Organization, the English acronym for the WTO) launched.
  The General Assembly should adopt the "tourists" (Visitor) this new vocabulary. Visitors is to leave their country of habitual residence to another country to, and not the main purpose of the visit of the country for income travelers. Tourists, including two different types of travelers:
  - Tourist (Tourist): stay in the countries visited more than 24 hours and to leisure, business, family, mission or meeting for the purpose of temporary visitors;
  - Short-term tourists (Excursionists): visited destination in the residence time of 24 hours, and do not spend the night in temporary visitors (tourists, including cruise ships).
  From 1963, most countries have accepted the proposed United Nations General Assembly visitors, tourists and the definition of short-term tourists as well as the many changes since.
  Geneva Conference in 1967, the United Nations Statistical Commission proposed, should establish a separate category of tourists. Tourists stay at least 24 hours, however, some tourists go sightseeing during the day returned to the residence, these people are called "short-term travelers (Excursionists)", these travelers are not in employment, including day trips for the purpose of persons, cruise passengers and transit visitors. Short-term travelers and other visitors can easily distinguish, because they are not destinations overnight.
  Third, the definition of domestic tourists
  1963 tourists made (Visitor) the definition of the term only for international travel is concerned, it also applies to national (domestic) travel.
  In 1980, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) "Manila Declaration": that the definition extended to all the travel. Pa ang (BarOn, 1989) pointed out that the World Tourism Organization (WTO) the European Commission Working Group on Tourism Statistics agreement, although domestic tourism than the narrower scope of international tourism, but the use of the term, or compatible.
  Tourism is a way of life
  This point of view of development to understand the concept of tourism. Because modern society is different from the ancient scholars of the sightseeing tour or travel and Xu-style scientific investigation. It is the continuous development of human society, a kind of lifestyle. On this point, some foreign scholars have a similar narrative. Such as the UK Ish map in gold (Estoril) had pointed out the nature of tourism is gradually changing, mainly in: ① travel entertainment concept has changed. Before World War II only the affluent society, there is free time and well-educated people who travel abroad to meet the appreciation of foreign landscapes, works of art. Now this concept has changed completely. Because overseas tourists come from all different backgrounds, very different ideas on tourism, likes and desires more variety, as far as possible in the limited holiday sweep it all. Modern tourism is a leisure pursuit ② enjoy the "democratization." Such as winter tourism, the past few rich occupy the movement; riding, rowing, shooting, non-popular sports. But the hobby and leisure, the "commercialization" has made such activities can be enjoyed by ordinary people. Large numbers of people go abroad to participate in more exciting and more full of foreign flavor of the activities such as mountain climbing, skiing, underwater swimming and horse travel. ③ tourism development of the modern "social tourism." Such as the British holiday camps, both in traditional tourist destination with all the facilities that are continually opening up and development of new landscape areas, large number of tourists visit other organizations, the construction of specially designed low-consumption and reception facilities, and often provide on-site entertainment and other services . Social tourism can be a large number of tourists into remote and relatively underdeveloped areas. Ish map in gold about the nature of changes in these that the concept of tourism is changing, development, tourism development in this particular way of life is the way of life, regardless of size, scope, content and nature have changed.
  Characteristics of different places of tourism: that tourism is a temporary way of life in different places, can not leave the residence to the destination of permanent residence. But how long can live, he did not say and did not propose specific criteria for the classification. But the definition has been included in that sense, it can be put in their place of usual distinction between the everyday life. Amateur sex: amateur sex tourism made this feature. Amateur sex is the many leisure scholars speak of. This wording, from the subjective purpose is for business purposes want to travel, away on travel outside of inspection activities, but for scientific purposes of the study, both in ancient and modern is a kind of tourism. One of the purposes as tourism is the "knowledge", both amateur nature of knowledge, including knowledge of business activities within the tourism. Therefore, the general provisions of amateur travel is correct, but in practice it is difficult to distinguish. Particularly in China, the use of meeting many people on business travel. According to statistics, people who travel to Beijing, 41% Meetings tourists. Foreign use of the international conference of people who travel a lot, such as 1985, an international conference held in Paris, France has 274, London 238, 219 Brussels, Belgium, Geneva, Switzerland, 212. Those who participate in international meetings, both for the purpose of a professional away the Meetings were also an advantage of the conference to participate in tourism activities around those. Britain, France, Belgium and other countries took advantage of this approach, obtained a substantial income from tourism. Such as the 1985 International Conference held in Paris, revenue 7 billion francs, of which three billion francs for the special session of income. Enjoying: Travel is a higher spiritual enjoyment, is essential to meet the material lives of the people chasing after a desire to enjoy. One sociologist said that tourists have the psychological "novelty, knowledge, seek happiness," so 3. This is a common psychological tourists. Tourists come great distances hoping to enjoy the different places of the new scenery, new life, in different places were usually difficult to obtain the knowledge and usually difficult to be happy. Knowledge: What to give us a lot of insight, enhance understanding of parts, enriching human knowledge. This is the essence of tourism! The will of: Travel to give us the will of the soul, make your own mind, feelings develop into exciting, happy in the extreme. Casual sex: the life before high-speed operation frequency, people increasingly feel the pressure of life too much, so they need some holiday to relax, to the beach city to enjoy sun, sand, sea, blue sky, white clouds. China's recent rise to Motel (motel) chain hotel groups represented by the general travelers will meet Chinese cities and attractions cloth high cost of new hotel system
  24 anti-fraud bills Offered Travel
  First, select a travel agent
  1 recruit qualified travel agent to see. Divided into different types of travel. International community or national society, an indication of the scope of business. If outbound tourism, we must pay attention to whether the outbound travel agency franchise. Currently, the state approved destination for outbound Chinese tourists are: Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand. Countries have ratified the major outbound tour operators qualified travel agencies are: China International Travel Service, China Travel Service, China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd., China Comfort International Travel Service and their in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Hubei , Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places of the branch.
  2 strokes look at travel industry background, which is owned travel management company is the main industry, main or other projects, tourism is a new area of expansion. In comparison, the latter junior, put little effort, apparently less potent.
  3 strokes to see travel ads. The easiest and most effective trick. Advertising constitutes an important part of the travel agency credibility, can say with certainty, a non-travel advertising is not very good strength. To carefully observe what level of advertising in the media, as well as the frequency, length, location, or time. These are a reflection of the travel agency's credibility and strength.
  4 strokes looking to sell their temperament. Observe whether the travel agency staff trained to sell products, and leaner, you can infer the situation of travel agencies 12.
  5 strokes to see people's commitment to sell. All the marketing people would say how good their travel products. May be questioned once, from the regular travel agencies do not often say the marketing of "We're friends, I can lie to you you" or "I can not guarantee that wrong," and the like, sounds hot to what use are not real individual guarantees. The formal marketing companies who will travel with their own past performance to prove, for example, "we in × × × class on organization received a large group" and so on. Let the facts speak, listen reassuring.
  6 strokes to see travel information materials. Print beautiful, informative brochures or product description is important manifestation of the quality of travel products, and a few simple print file is hard to miss the realization of travel products have good quality assurance.
  7 strokes around the Tourist Board to remember the phone number, qualification and other issues on the travel agency unclear, you can call consultation.
  8 strokes to go to their website to view the relevant information, if a site does not update the long-term, then mostly false
  Second, selection of travel products
  8 strokes to see whether the provision of travel agency selection form, the content is detailed itinerary. Schedule is the schedule of travel, should include accommodation, meals and attractions areas, the more detailed the better. A good itinerary and even staying the hotel and dining restaurant phone, if the guests become separated, AAVS and timely contact with the team. In addition, to provide more detailed schedule, travel arrangements way tamper with the possibility of the smaller.
  9 strokes to see his schedule is reasonable. Some travel agents may seem attractive travel: many countries, cities and more compact arrangement. Can waste a lot of time actually on the way, even turning back. For example, the organization of a Beijing travel agency and then to South Africa to Israel and then returned to Israel to return to Beijing 14 days of travel itinerary, flight and only time in the airport terminal nearby security 60 hours, so that travel down, not just superficial, but Renkunmafa, not to mention the fun of travel tourism.
  11 strokes out which rides in the tour has been within the restaurants, which need to take care of themselves. Objective is to find out the door every ticket that contains only, or all. For example, travel to a beach, swimming is no charge, while diving, water skiing, speedboat at sea, etc. are required to care for themselves. Travel itinerary can be written only "1 pm to 4 pm at the X bathing, swimming, water skiing, speedboat." This is misleading. Therefore, before a certain question clearly, so as to avoid future disputes.
  12 strokes and ask what the standard meal. Food is, go out, eat good or bad, is at stake. Standard meal in advance they asked for, first guessed at what to eat good or bad, and second, if for any reason unable to arrange meals on the way travel agencies, money back, but also standard. Also, ask what a few dishes a few soups, a few dirty several factors. If traveling abroad, the best ask out Chinese food or local food. Overseas, the Chinese food is usually more expensive.
  13 strokes clear the name of the hotel location and the stars. Normally, like "Check Beijing Palace Hotel (five star) or similar hotels, travel abroad is also possible to write, star foreign hotel is not hanging, but will reach the star." This wording more standardized. If only the write place, or stars may be a problem. Some travel itinerary was to live the "three keys" to the local found, here is the mountains, even the people are not. This is obviously travel agents do not step on the line in advance, but out of a hotel by map imagined.
  14 strokes clear transport. Not only to clear the vehicle, the train aircraft, on vehicles but also understand the import car or domestic car, what model, because it is directly related to travel comfort. If traveling by car, more to the situation of the car and the obligation to understand clearly the power of their own.
  15 strokes if the overseas travel, visa required to do a good job with the Bank of China passport to the local exchange in 2000 U.S. dollars (only refer to the year for the first time to travel abroad.) If the travel agent did not mention the U.S., not the passport before leaving the country to travelers, not to mention on behalf of the traveler who for dollars, it must take care, we must clarify the matter before the line. If the travel agency that required only for 1000 U.S. dollars, which certainly possible fraud.
  16 strokes to see if there Quanpei. Usually more than 15 tours, tour travel agency should be sent accompanied. To ensure that land from one place to another can be smooth travel, the road problems can be solved in time.
  Third, travel and flexible response
  17 strokes of travel in the tour itinerary in addition to the original provisions of the temporary increase in programming, the travelers first to determine whether you have an interest in, and then to ask for this arrangement is to be extra cost and, finally, to understand clearly the new arrangements will not affect the next tourist attractions to visit. As long as any of the above, travelers feel inappropriate, we can boldly say "no" and refused the new arrangements.
  18 strokes and reduce the attraction of the situation encountered by tour guides. Travelers should remember that every attraction you are paid for, even if no ticket, you pay the transportation fee, pay the fee, but did not receive appropriate services, should claim your money back, even against compensation. Of course, because they do not and can not be canceled against external factors, not one of them spots.
  19 strokes of the shopping is not interested in the guide has continued to tour into the store, of persons, effective measures are determined not to buy. If all members are not interested, you can make to Quanpei and guides.
  20 strokes if sure you want to shop, but the tour guides to lead the store lot expensive, they can make here do not buy for a store and buy. In Hong Kong and Singapore Tourism Board have a number of genuine choice. Fair price shops presented signs, in two places, sailing and Merlion identified two red flags correct.
  21 bills to purchase the more expensive items should be returned prior questioning whether to prepare to shop around and found a greater price differential between the price return.
  22 strokes of the local tourist attractions, explain the introduction usually travel to host club guide (also known as the local guide) as if the guide does not explain, can be directly told him that he would complain. Because the tour guide fees were included.
  3, upon returning of complaints
  23 strokes better retention agreement entered into prior to departure, the tour itinerary and travel guides irresponsible breach of contract or evidence of the quality of management to complaints from travel agents.
  24 strokes and the quality of management, if travel agents can not solve the problems, to the provincial and municipal tourism bureau of quality management complaints.
  Travel bogey eight to seven
  1. Bogey skim the surface, the purpose of travel is out of my heart and soul and informative, if not every one to look closely to appreciate the local customs, the loss of travel. 2. Avoid excessive luggage, traveling with too many items is not significant, it is a drag on our trip. Side and action, he is unable; on the hotel is not safe. Therefore, I advocate a packet of policies: all luggage only a large backpack.
  3. Bogey troublemaker, not always their own travel site, "edge of a farm," very strong, domineering, or a good convergence point.
  4. Bogey distributed activities, if a group of people to travel, it is best not to have all of the programs to keep at least two or three until the number of dispersed activities. Avoid going out alone!
  5. Avoid separation of the money people, a number of eye-care to the good.
  6. Bogey with children, children always need adult care, so that adults can not wholeheartedly enjoy the fun of travel.
  7. Bogey unknown geography, every one to please buy a local map, one can be lost when the emergency use; 2 can be kept as souvenir.
  1. To take small kits, travel, to bring some common drugs, because the travel will inevitably run into some unexpected circumstances, if, carry a small charge, do be prepared for. 2. Pay attention to road safety, travel times will pass through some dangerous regional attractions, such as the dense forest on steep slopes, cliff paths which, jet deep holes, etc., in these dangerous areas, to try to go hand in hand, do not risk going alone.
  3. About civility, politeness, at any time, any occasion, and people should be polite, humble every patient, consciously abide by public order.
  4. Love heritage, tourists should be conscious of every one to care for cultural relics and scenic spots of flowers and trees, not arbitrary in the area, a monument carved graffiti on the disorder.
  5. To respect the local customs, China is a multi-ethnic country, many ethnic minorities have different religious beliefs and customs of taboo. As the saying goes: "When in Rome." When entering the minority areas of tourism, we must respect their traditional customs and taboos of life, must not ignore the customs or by the careless actions hurt their national pride.
  6. Pay attention to hygiene and health, travel abroad, enjoy local dishes and pastries, is undoubtedly a "food culture" to enjoy, but be sure to pay attention to hygiene of drinking water and avoid overeating.
  7. Guard against being taken in, in today's society there is a small part of non-stealing, fraud, looting of the bad guys, so the "chance meeting", the avoid easily very good friend, do not vent "confidential" to avoid being taken in causing their own economic, property on loss.
  8. Careful travel plans, that prior to the development time line, and accommodation of specific plans and take a good tour guide map (book), the maps and vehicles, ships schedules and necessary packing (clothes, hygiene products, etc.).
  The 12 most beautiful places in China
  Henan Jiaozuo first Yuntaishan
  Second Sichuan Jiuzhaigou
  Third Forbidden City in Beijing
  Fourth Ming Hainan Sanya Yalong Bay
  Fifth Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou
  Sixth Lijiang, Yunnan
  Seventh Jiangsu Suzhou Gardens
  Eighth Xinjiang Kanas
  Ninth Everest in Tibet
  Tenth Shanghai Bund
  The 10th one in the Three Gorges
  Twelfth, Jiangxi Lushan
  Travel Tips:
  ⒈ travel plans should be careful.
  That prior to the development time, route, accommodation of specific plans and take a good tour guide maps, the maps and vehicles, ships schedules and necessary packing (clothes, hygiene products, etc.).
  ⒉ with small kits.
  Travel, to bring some common drugs, because the travel will inevitably run into some unexpected circumstances, if, carry a small charge, do be prepared for.
  ⒊ attention to the road safety.
  Tourism sometimes through some dangerous areas attractions, such as forests on steep slopes, cliff paths which, jet deep holes, etc., in these dangerous areas, to try to go hand in hand, do not risk going alone.
  ⒋ civilized manners.
  Any time, any occasion, to be polite to the people, everything humble patience, conscientiously abide by the order.
  ⒌ care of cultural relics.
  Tourists should be conscious of every one to care for cultural relics and scenic spots of flowers and trees, not arbitrary in the area, a monument carved graffiti on the disorder.
  ⒍ respect local custom.
  China is a multi-ethnic country, many ethnic minorities have different religious beliefs and customs of taboo. As the saying goes: "When in Rome." When entering the minority areas of tourism, we must respect their traditional customs and taboos of life, must not ignore the customs or by the careless actions hurt their national pride.
  Attention to health and health.
  Travel abroad, enjoy local dishes and pastries, is undoubtedly a "food culture" to enjoy, but be sure to pay attention to hygiene of drinking water and avoid overeating.
  ⒏ alert deceived.
  Currently, there exists a small part of stealing, fraud, looting of the bad guys, so the "chance meeting", the avoid easily very good friend, do not vent "confidential" to avoid being taken in causing their own economic and property losses.
  China's most popular tourism destination:
  20. Jiangnan Water - Water Village dream
  Description: To traveled six southern town, both with the group or self-help, always Falls in the. If the 11 holiday, expanse Uva, rich scholarly, grace downtown, quaint quiet, leaning against the water door, bringing together the six ancient towns in Jiangnan Town will feature the presentation of these 11.
  For: self-driving, general tourism. Time: 4 days
  Hot: 7 Difficulty: 1 Nature: 5 Humanities: 10
  19. Gaoligongshan - Nu - into human cultural park
  Description: In China's southwestern corner, complex terrain, many people in the unique natural environment, created a number of places for adventure tourism. Gaoligongshan - Nu River is one line. There are many places, especially long isolated, even more mysterious and unpredictable. The footsteps of explorers, photographers lens, all together over, and people here can expect to discover new things.
  For: adventure, hiking. Time: Open
  Hot: 6 Difficulty: 7 Nature: 7 Humanity: 5
  18. Qinghai Lake - pearl of the plateau
  Description: Qinghai Lake in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, 150 km from Xining, an area of 4500 square kilometers, 3,200 meters above sea level, water cold and high salt. Qinghai Lake Mongolian called "Counord" Tibetan is called "the wrong temperature and cloth," that is "green lake" means. Northeast of the Qinghai Plateau, Riyue, Chase Hill and undulating plateau of Qinghai Lake, Nanshan Central holding a - Qinghai Lake.
  Qinghai Lake is China's largest inland lake, is the largest saltwater lake in China, where cool climate. Is an ideal summer resort.
  For: self-driving, adventure, general tourism. Time: 3 days
  Hot: 6 Difficulty: 6 Nature: 7 Humanity: 7
  17. Jianmen pass - Qinling
  Description: Since ancient times, people would cut off relations because of the Qinling and Sichuan in the exchanges, and in the Qinling mountains in many of the plank road built. Where high mountains, dense forests, ecology intact. Starting from the Guanzhong, through the Qinling Mountains, across the dividing line between north and south China's climate, passed China's largest nature reserve group, marching takin, lone wolf's footprint into the Wild ... no ... these are the meaning of the Qinling adventure.
  Crossing the Qinling Mountains, you will experience the land of abundance of style, and numerous attractions.
  For: self-driving. Time: 1 week
  Hot: 7 Difficulty: 4 Nature: 6 Humanities: 9
  16. Tea Horse Road - inhabited areas 'Silk Road'
  Description: Tea-Horse Old Course is the ancient ties between Yunnan and Tibet, a passage in the history of evolution has had a brilliant page, but things have changed, today's tea-horse left the Old Course of the many sites and monuments. Tea-Horse Old Course in the end refers to the right of way, in the end, what left? This requires us to dig. Yunnan-Tibet complex terrain and tortuous history of the old course of exploration for Tea Horse brought no small difficulties, but such as Lijiang Old Course Pearl, will be your greatest adventure on the road driving force.
  For: walking, exploring, camping.
  Hot: 6 Difficulty: 6 Nature: 7 Humanity: 8
  15. Hainan Island - the beach, sea breeze, coconut forest
  Description: Sometimes people need something called "corruption" thing. Satisfy themselves, enjoy life, find a holiday to Hainan Island it! Rent a car, starting from the sea, to a tour around the island. Drive from the coconut side flashed by, the sea breeze ... ... What a pleasant experience.
  For: self-driving, general tourism. Time :3-7 days
  Hot: 6 Difficulty: 1 Nature: 7 Humanity: 5
  14. Lijiang - Guilin best in the world
  Description: A familiar place. 'Guilin best in the world', is also well known. Guilin is said to be foreign tourists who visited China one of the four most desirable. But most people are guided tour to Guilin, after the end of travel that many people are still unfamiliar in Guilin. Yangshuo Li River from the Yang Di Pier, arriving Xingping, a dozen kilometers along the Lijiang River can be up close and can also experience feelings of Yangshuo.
  For: walking, general tourism. Time :1-2 days
  Hot: 7 Difficulty: 2 Nature: 7 Humanity: 6
  13. Gang Ren Bo Qi - Manasarovar Lake
  Description: Gangdise Mountains thing lingering 2,200 km, but the Gang Ren Bo Qi does not require any identification of its knowledge, it's there, one can witness there. According to legend, it is rooted in hell, the mountain in the world, White Peak directly to heaven, a group composed of a group of mountain peaks of the waves generated, support a mysterious beautiful Snowy Mountains - Gang Ren Bo Qi Feng. The holy lake Manasarovar Lake with the mountains, this area was a Buddhist respect for the 'Kailash Mansarovar Yatra' of the land. It is also the Hindu pilgrimage center and the Bon. Mountain and turn it around, because they believe that a circle around this mountain can be cleared I, sin; turn 10 laps, you can suffer from recurrent; turn 100 laps, this life can become a Buddha. Experience all the holy sites are exhausted when they see and feel, we can not feel the mountain all the charm, but it at least makes you feel close to her is one of happiness. Some people say that after the mountainside from Zhuo Mala have a mysterious turn mountain, but people do not dare to try, because that way, represent some of the magic and practice. People can not keep abreast of the mysterious plateau, and therefore to maintain the mentality of fear.
  For: foot. Time: Indefinite.
  Hot: 7 Difficulty: 6 Nature: 7 Humanity: 9
  12. Huangshan - Huangshan Guilaibukan Yue
  Description: and a lot of donkey discussed, Huangshan mountain is considered the most traditional brilliant. Beautiful scenery, unique flavor. So many other places. Worth a visit, or to regret in life.
  Traditional mountain, you can see much, apart from outside Huangshan, from my personal view, only Mount Emei and the Hua Mountain.
  For: adventure, hiking. Time: 3 days
  Hot: 8 Difficulty: 5 Nature: 8 Humanities: 7
  11. Great Wall - the only space in the building can see the human
  Description: As the old area, the Great Wall is still attracting foreign tourists. As the world's heritage, its record of China's 2,000 years of history. Shanhaiguan to Jiayuguan in the long term from any section of the Great Wall walk, to feel the pride and the vicissitudes of the nation. This is the Chinese people's special circumstances, even the Great Wall has become another tasteless, is unshakable.
  For: foot. Time: Open
  Hot: 6 Difficulty: 4 Nature: 5 Humanities: 10
  10. Lop Nur - the ancient Loulan - 8000 Miles month
  Description: In Xinjiang, for explorers, the Lop Nur - Loulan line, perhaps because of the many stories, so the more attractive. If the story of the Lop Nur to a calendar sort, there will be a long list, there are far ancient Loulan and Loulan Beauty, near a Yu Chunshun. With enormous success of those adventure people, let's not mention, but those who do not return the people need to explore our grief and commemoration.
  In addition, the style of ancient Silk Road, "sea of death" and also makes people feel good style.
  For: adventure, self-driving. Time: 1 week
  Hot: 7 Difficulty: 7 Nature: 7 Humanity: 8
  9. Jiuzhaigou Huanglong - World of Fairy Tales
  Description: Jiuzhaigou Huanglong water is absolutely the most beautiful world, hence, the "Jiuzhai 归来不看 water" in the world. I first went to Jiuzhaigou 89, when the scenery was beautiful there, deeply touched. Since then other places without much interest. Now, with the increase of tourists, more or less on the environment here has a certain influence, but that water, The Hill, forest, still is the best.
  In addition, the route from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou tour is perfect. Can see Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain, and the Red Army Memorial Diexi.
  For: foot, car, general tourism. Time: 5 days -1 week
  Hot: 8 Difficulty: 5 Nature: 9 Humanities: 5
  8. Lugu Lake - daughter of country
  Description: If when you know a place now Huan Ji Xu maintain Zhao matriarchal society, the continuation of life yes by one kind of Jiaozuo 'Zou marriage' approach, Ni Hui is going to react? My first reaction is: Shi Jie Zhi large, full of wonders ah! Then there is the thought of going to see. This place is called the lake, she has another beautiful name - daughter of the country.
  Beijing Tiananmen Square
  China's capital, has a long history. Very memorable
  Sichuan 2 / 3, Yunnan 1 / 3. Because the emphasis is different in both sides of the tourism effect is different, but you can experience the specific customs.
  For: walking, camping. Time: at least 1 week (or you experience nothing less than)
  Hot: 7 Difficulty: 3 Nature: 6 Humanities: 9
  7. Sea Road - a combination of Western and Chinese culture
  Description: west from Dunhuang to Turpan, a total of more than 500 kilometers of road, constitute the most legendary Silk Road, a section on - Sea Road. Here a collection of ancient castles, Bongsudae, inns, prehistoric human habitation sites, fossils mountain, mirage, desert wild camels group, as well as many rare geographical landscape. If starting from Turpan, Dunhuang across the road to the sea, you will deeply appreciate the differences between national customs and different beauty. Road through the sea, the greatest obstacle than through no man's land here, but finish the sea Road, you will deeply appreciate the endless beauty of the Silk Road left.
  I am reminded of the grapes. Haha.
  For: self-driving. Time: 1 week
  Hot: 8 Difficulty: 5 Nature: 7 Humanity: 9
  6. Siguniangshan - Eastern Alps
  Description: elevation 6250 meters of Siguniangshan is the second peak in Sichuan. With beautiful scenery of southern Europe, Siguniang Mountain is also known as the 'Alps of China'. Here enchanting scenery, with snow-capped mountains, glaciers, meadows and vertical climate as the main sightseeing. And because close from Chengdu, a famous mountain in China base, to fame at home and abroad also.
  This is one of my favorite places, elegant and refined, giving a fresh sense of the landscape. In February this year a friend went, and mountaineering to ice climbing an American tank, by the way when the translation is spent feeling cool. In addition, unitary Siguniang Mountain peak is very difficult, very challenging, only two British summit. Around the Wolong Panda Reserve, there is listed as one of the top ten on foot through the BI Peng Gou through. Can also experience Tibetan and Qiang style.
  For: mountain climbing, hiking, adventure, general tourism. Time 3 days week -1
  Hot: 8 Difficulty: 6 Nature: 9 Humanities: 6
  5. Yangtze River Three Gorges Project - Eternal Masterpiece
  Description: 'Monkeys continuous cries, boat has passed for the island' in the verse, so that people of the Three Gorges full reverie. Indeed, the Three Gorges as Bachu old haunt, in the humanities and natural scenery, on very attractive. Three Gorges Dam, Three Gorges will undoubtedly make a loss of too much, but we look carefully, you can find what we want to pursue. Three Gorges scenic range, where there are still many untapped, can go to the Three Gorges hell and high water, and the goddess of sleep, is also a pleasure.
  I personally think that the Three Gorges is not much sense, but down the investigation showed that the perceived status of the Three Gorges, or high. As for the foot of the Three Gorges, is challenging.
  Fit: General tour, adventure, trek through. Time: -2 weeks 3 days
  Note: there is no clear line across the foot, requires caution.
  Hot: 6 Difficulty: 5 Nature: 7 Humanity: 10
  4. Everest - feel the top of the world
  Introduction: the status of Mount Everest I would not say, I have boarded the Mount Everest of desire. Perhaps every heart yearns to board the top of the Earth, so as to truly list of small hills. See surging, sunrise and sunset.
  For natural, we do not speak to conquer and challenges, where we have to do is the fragility of life and the little sentiment. Numerous difficulties because of your dreams will hit the smash. To reach Everest base camp, is a symbol of.
  For: climbing, general travel (headquarters). Time :3-5 days
  Hot: 7 Difficulty: 8 Nature: 7 Humanity: 7
  3. Kanas - northern autumn
  Description: Fall of Kanas is beautiful! This will be a fall back from Kanas people will travel to issue from the past. Kanas is the most unique golden yellow or red with orange trees, clear, bright and clean the Kanas Lake and mysterious distant villages Tuva people. Back bags, went to Xinjiang, from the Kanas Lake Fishing Island in red, black means Lake, Wo Kimura and other places, and finally to Dajia Deng Yu, you will enjoy the Kanas complete the beautiful scenery.
  For: foot. Time :3-5 days
  Hot: 8 Difficulty: 5 Nature: 9 Humanities: 7
  2. Daocheng Aden - Zhongdian Shangri-La Tour
  Description: After the establishment of Shangri-La County, Sichuan and Yunnan, Zhongdian Daocheng debate on the end of the Shangri-La. Can not be ignored is that the two Linxian County has beautiful scenery, so that with the temptation to infinite. It can often be stunning beauty of this word to describe. Under the plateau and surrounded by mountains, the birth place of the many people fascinated, are all live, pure nature. Daocheng of Aden in particular, where scenes do not add a trace of the mundane world, quietly in the east of the Tibetan Plateau through the years. The United Nations has been included in the "human and biological protection of the network."
  Taoyuan outside world, beautiful yet still majestic. In several surveys, are ranked first in self-drive tours.
  For: adventure, camping, car and so on. Time: at least 1 week
  Hot: 10 Difficulty: 7 Nature: 10 Humanities: 6
  1. Medog - Brahmaputra Canyon last close environment of human
  Description: Brahmaputra Canyon is the world's highest gorge, is the world's deepest and longest canyon gorge called the world's highest. Medog, in Tibetan Buddhism means 'hidden lotus'. Because it is the only highways in the county did not, naturally became a tourist walking in the Holy Land. In addition Pai Lung natural barrier, southern Tibet, the band known as "the last secret of human environment."
  De place to explore this will be the face of high altitude, high and dangerous test of the multiple difficulties, need more than just willpower, or human physiology, the essence of wisdom and team performance. Well prepared and science programs for human constantly exploring, enterprising needs. Unique scenery and folk customs here, especially for some 'professional' who likes outdoor activities.
  For: adventure, trek through. Time: at least 2 weeks
  Note: You need to run the border card, have a higher experience of outdoor activities.
  Hot: 10 Difficulty: 10 Nature: 10 Humanities: 5
  The development of tourism in recent years:
  With the development of the Internet, computer technology continues to mature, and travel sites have settled. Tourism industry to develop the network in recent years, travel through these years of development, has been overwhelming in the tourism development of the site matures.
  Such sites offer to provide timely travel routes, discount ticket information, practical travel advice, and detailed travel information. The tourism industry to integrate the information classification, personalized tours scheduled opening, discount tickets, visa services, air tickets hotel reservations, travel insurance, travel book city, charter services, travel, travelogues, travel blog, and other aspects of the service!
  Baidu 2008 51 Travel Survey and the National Day Golden Week Forecast:
  Beijing is most concerned about the tourist spots, attention, to 32.78%
  Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Dalian and row of 2-6 bits
  2007, 1.097 trillion yuan in tourism revenue in China
  10.1 Golden Week, Nepal tickets, hotels and package tour situation, many visitors make the best paid in June will be able to purchase .10.1 Golden Week, National Day of Nepal Tourism will show a "blowout" trend to
  China's 30 World Heritage List
  1, Zhoukoudian 1988.12
  2, Gansu Dunhuang Mogao Caves 1987.12
  3, Shandong Taishan 1987.12
  4, Great Wall 1987.12
  5, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum and the Terracotta Warriors in Shaanxi 1987.12
  6, Beijing Palace 1987.12
  7, Huangshan 1990.12
  8, Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Huanglong National spot 1992.12
  9, Hunan Zhangjiajie National spot 1992.12
  10, Sanya, Hainan tourism scenic 1992.12
  11, Hubei Wudang Ancient Building Complex 1994.12
  12, the Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong, Dunhuang Grottoes and Konglin 1994.12
  13, Hebei Chengde Mountain Resort and the surrounding temples 1994.12
  14, Potala Palace 1994.12
  15, Emeishan - Leshan Scenic Area 1996.12
  16, Jiangxi Lushan Mountain Scenic Area 1996.12
  17, Suzhou Classical Gardens 1997.12
  18, Pingyao ancient city of 1997.12
  19, Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan 1997.12
  20, Beijing Tiantan 1998.11
  21, Beijing Summer Palace 1998.11
  22, Fujian Wuyishan 1999.12
  23, Chongqing, Dazu Rock Carvings 1999.12
  24, Ancient Villages: Xidi 2000.11
  25, Ming and Qing Imperial Tombs: Tomb significantly (Zhongxiang city), Eastern Qing Tombs (Hebei Zunhua), Qingxiling (Hebei Yixian) 2000.11
  26, Luoyang Longmen Grottoes 2000.11
  27, Sichuan Qingcheng Mountain and Dujiangyan 2000.11
  28, Yungang Grottoes 2001.12
  29, "Three Parallel Rivers" natural landscape 2003.7
  30, the Chinese Koguryo King City, Tomb and Tombs of the 2004.07.01
  31, Historic Center of Macau 2005.7
  32, Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries 2006.7
  33, Yin Ruins in Anyang 2006.7
  34, South China Karst 2007.6
  35, Diaolou 2007.6
  36, Fujian Earth 2008.7
  37, in Mount 2008.7
  38, Shaoshan in Hunan
  Native theme tourism travel
  Tourist destination to discover and experience the theme of travel for the purpose of specialty
  Eco-tourism (Eco-tourism) refers to the tourist attractions or to the special characteristics of natural or ecological tourism area for the promotion of such activities or services provided by tourism. In other words, eco-tourism based on principles of ecology, the natural advantages of using a place to carry out recreation activities and maintain its ecological balance, to achieve the protection, use, value-added of the virtuous circle of tourism. Introduction of eco-tourism is to promote eco-tourism, but also through tourism, an increase of ecological knowledge, to promote harmony with the environment of tourism.
  Tourism is designed to meet specific demand of material and spiritual outings conducted 的, Shengtai tourism is just travel into one, it is based on a clear theme and shows new, rich Shehui responsibility and spiritual pursuit, not demand price, Dan demand quality of tourism. This tour includes sightseeing and entertainment content, but the way of tourism and entertainment tourism do not necessarily have the connotation of eco-tourism, eco-tourism as a quest for knowledge, seek happiness, beauty, truth and explore the nature of the study.

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