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  "Essays" "Essay", a paper on the record, felt the hair, something to remember, say rational, whims and to make yourself comfortable!
  Essays such an article, or about culture, or published academic point of view, or assessment the world s life, and inspiring, thought-provoking. In the formulation, they are often informative, without too theoretical interpretation of the language of careful and not lose lively, careful and precise structure of free and lose, so full of "principle and interest" is their outstanding feature.
  Read these articles to grasp the overall content and style of the article, the author's main point grade refined punch lines, but also the courage to express his own views.
  Essay is an essay, writing essays as easily as talk with neighbors, there is no burden, no rhetoric, tight structure. The form of essays from genre restrictions, flexible and diverse, eclectic, you can viewing lyrics; can Duwu on view; can study and talk about feelings; can to deliberations, and also a comprehensive discussion of similar things. Essays are not subject to restrictions on words, short of the dozens of characters, hundreds of characters long, depending on the length of the contents rests.
  The most important essays written to express the intention of writing: or as a happy mood, or a little sentiment, or a new point of view ... ... In short, as neighbors as friendly and approachable Aunt.
  Essay of life is the daily mood, perception, new ideas, new discoveries ... ... life is like a vast sea, vast wide, and always written articles can be everything.
  "54" new literature of the times, the creation of thriving modern essay, but the "Essay" and the naming and content have not yet unified, Essay was excluded from literary mainstream left-wing literature. This is a study of the style of contemporary essays brings difficulties. From the modern essay the beginning of, Anthology, "Prose" that Zhou and Lu Xun's "Essay View" and other angles, in modern prose of many of the names to find essays sources to contemporary essays of development can learn from the basis .
  Essay content can be summarized in three points:
  1, the major form of human life from the many small chores composition, breathtaking exotic, tragic heroes and martyrs, how scarce is the very attitude of life. Flat Fanfan, often seeking to find, everywhere are yes, yes normal life. Only those eyes unusual trivia, and sent them to a sense of endless fun for the people, he will not mind to Kuse, his heart will not spring to dry up, and once they get document writing is easy to find the natural feeling of falling state, laissez-faire. Do not mind people on trivia, not found in ordinary life poetic, his people will dry dull, his mind will turn into delinquents rough, very difficult and painting the natural affinity.
  3, people always say that eternal, eternal hope, which in fact what the true eternal. One mortal, the text also mortal. As mentioned earlier, writing and other types of art of the same, but people enjoy a life and spirit of self-help. Writing in the beginning feel "article eternal things," the consciousness and aspirations of the people, in all likelihood can not be written into the players. With a good heart and sincere heart to close to everyday life, from the sentiment of meaning in life, touch the pulse of the times, looking good and the beautiful location, and faithfully to resort to his writings, this is our life, is writing essays way.
  Classification Essay
  Common narrative of modern essays are essays, argumentative essays, descriptive essays, scenic painting of essays, Google Forum, etc. of essays.
  1, narrative of Essays
  Narrative of essays mostly drawn from everyday life or on the occasional piece of experience, the basic content is narrative write. Essay's objective is to write love see sex, it is often integrated into the writing of the author's subjective feelings, and sometimes straight out, sometimes hidden behind the text; it is often described by the simple things that everyone experiences similar to, but after you carefully savor later, will make you aware of the secular style, perception of life reasons.
  2, argumentative essays
  Such essays called "Impressions" or "Essays." The so-called "with the" have not deliberately write down the meaning of the text; so-called "hybrid" refers to a wide range, all-inclusive, ranging from social issues, philosophy of life, small side trivia, romantic, birds insects animals, campus style learning experience, books tasting, family friends, no do not write. But the essay's focus was a "sense of 'the word on to some personal feelings, even a little thought, a little experience, a little flash of ideas can be brought to the article, do not put an issue on the shelf, to maintain a free Talk style.
  3, illustrative essays
  Li Xianyao relationship between man and nature to write essays "favored", Zhao Bi in different patterns of the natural landscape, to express their love for the taste of nature, focus on strengthening people's ecological consciousness. Therefore, different from the purely descriptive expository essay, which is the value of the charm of things, with the appreciation of nature, sometimes through and heart, while sustenance. Die mountain range of water, often fragments of text, the exact nature of the strange things vividly portrayed. Exercise of such essays, we should elaborate and keen powers of observation, to capture something unique life style Brisk, not deliberately writing. Wang Guowei, as stated: "In my view of things, so things are the color of me."
  How to write essays education
  First, what is education essay
  Essay is a literary genre of prose. It is eclectic, diverse, lively and short.
  Education Essays name implies, the essays on education, ideas. Teaching essay, you can say "teaching Gains", the main point is to write a teaching experience of the deepest experiences. Its main feature is the subject of small, short length; level and structure simple; content simple and involves relatively small, writing materials easily collect, collate and use.
  Essay writing style is no fixed upper limit, there are common things by reasoning, narrative form of discussion. By reasoning things: to focus on description of an event, not too many words to send comments, do comment, to a thing was clear, the article ends with a simple chose this topic on it. the reader through the reading of this narrative can be touched, to understand some truth, truth metaphor in stories. narrative discussion: author described an event at the same time, to express their views, while narrative side comment. it can be the first description of the event finished, do comment.
  Essay is the most appropriate use of a form of creative teachers.
  Second, what good writing education essay
  1, around the world can truly record. If you ask me: you have done this 20 years, leaving behind what I do not know what to say. Writing education essay, as in the past will no longer allow our teachers leaving only a vague memory, we can not let the wisdom of the past, ideas spark fade with age continues to grow in this beautiful world.
  2, with education essays to promote professional growth of teachers. As to write, so read; as to write, so to do; as to write, so to think about. Writing is a kind of pulling me out, do, think of the most effective The method is best as a teacher education research, teacher behavior is the best backing.
  3, through education essays, so that each teacher to become successful practitioners of the new curriculum. The new curriculum reform, teacher made so many substantive requirements, these requirements do not click, but by doing thinking, thinking side and writing, and writing by doing, spiral forward, each teacher will surely new curriculum into their own skills.
  Hard line on teaching teachers to master a large number of teaching first-hand information, and accumulated a wealth of practical experience in teaching, the experience in time to record, not only for their own work to promote the role of the future; If published, the vast number of colleagues also be learned.
  Educator Makarenko had made: "Education is the dialectic, the most flexible of a science, is the most complex and diverse a science." Missionary Tuition in the process, teachers should be based on education, teaching objects, creative use of education, teaching theory and methods to implement individualized. review and sum up the process of education and teaching experience and methods, not only accumulated the individuals in education, teaching of some achievements, but also enriched the effective education, teaching resources.
  A "spanned" teachers, their success illustrious. Looking back at the career from teaching, perhaps because of lax record their feelings and experiences in time, will inevitably find a clear track seemed to be somewhat difficult, however yesterday's difficult to come by, the sun means a ray of regret .
  Indeed, today's teachers, a heavy burden. From the business, and more may be invisible or from psychological stress. The face of higher low-employed, offering job-change, the waiting list and other practical problems, so the teachers had on scores care about. has always been known as the "conscience of family on" the hidden work of the teachers themselves the "conscience" Unspoken word. In this context, "Score is the last word" argument is not difficult to understand. also So there will be many teachers adhere to the "bent on teaching only the hands of the book, Mo Guan education reform and scientific research." this situation, the result that teachers themselves have only a bucket of "Dead Water", limiting the development of teachers themselves, the training of students is no good The. timely written paper to solve this contradiction is one of the most effective way, because of its maneuverability, and the effect is also significant.
  Teacher's thesis can be divided into pure theory Xueshu research articles and dealing with specific issues of teaching Xiao Lun Wen. Considering the fact that, the author Geng Zantongguangtai written a number of primary and secondary Jiaoshicechong Jiaoxue small Lun Wen. Tongguojishi order of teaching ideas and teaching records experience, will play a catalytic role in teaching. on teaching in a specific issue, through careful thought, or access to relevant information, resulting eventually in the text. It is a process of deep thinking, this is a question, resolve a doubt in the process . the writing process allows teachers to deal with problems more principled, more scientific, can directly improve teaching efficiency.
  On the other hand, according to the writer's experience, diligent pen teaching essay, write help train teachers in teaching and research awareness. Especially the kind of small papers to be hired or the award-winning newspaper, the better to promote the right moment in teaching teachers , the upgrade state.
  Modern teaching situation, teachers will have the traditional "Jiaoshu Jiang" to "scholar teachers" transformation. True "scholar teachers" must be able to conduct academic research, teaching, teaching and research as a carrier of small paper research paved road is the "cornerstone of . "As a teacher, not for teaching and research, while directly engaged in the abstract theory is the lack of the conduct of the study, the same can be said, no there is no scientific education and research.
  In the teaching process, teachers are stepping on each one by one footprint, keep a record of the track, to the Education and deeper verdant, teaching and research of the time, exhilaration
  Three, what to write essays education
  (A) gains and losses recorded instruction. Every teacher has a their own "experimental field", test success, that it would be "realized" gain and loss summed up in the next teaching naturally avoid weaknesses. For example, a teacher in teaching "eat", it take into account the students first learn "gas", which, after school, "eat", which is easy to "eat" as the "gas" and therefore special emphasis in teaching, "eat" the right half of the 10 million can not be written as "qi" word. Shuiliao, where pot is not touching the tender spot, there are still many students are wrong. finally taught the hand, over a period of time the students are wrong, how to help students remember the correct word what she thought of a way. once commented, she was on the students say, "Today at noon, the students in our class have a large hungry, even to eat the chopsticks." students are baffled, have said "impossible !, "" Who the chopsticks and ate it, "Xiandajiadou opinions on this matter in that she feels the time is ripe, ask a student on the blackboard, so he wrote one sentence" I ate a bowl of rice. "not the materials, students to "eat" written in the "gas", and some students stood up immediately corrected, "wrong! wrong! not eat in the middle of a cross!" she smiled, pointing to the students to write the "gas" said: "Look, he's chopsticks is not a card in my throat." students are intended to laugh. "Can you help him out of the chopsticks you" almost all the students raise their hands. hit it After the students never go wrong, it seems, "chopsticks stuck in the throat" to everyone's impression is still quite deep.
  In teaching, every teacher will have a very happy and successful practice. Successful, stop and think: Why would succeed where the main harvest to seize the point of his success, in-depth thought, well theme was born.
  Teaching mistakes are inevitable. The face of mistakes that we should sit down and think: Why would the major mistake where the crux of the method used to make up for what lessons should be learned ... ... well the subject matter was born.
  (C) write Jiaoyu On. Textbook is based on our teaching, but it is not necessarily perfect, as long as we study the depth and calm thinking, you may have a new understanding or new doubts, then please write it down. look a gift horse, there must be income. If you are teaching in the education process, to make a conscientious, you will find many valuable things. A teacher saw him school student scores in judging a teacher when the work A minimum _set_ under the line. good one does not hesitate to A, no matter how good some of the A on the. written in neat, plus an apple; write special care or have innovative problem solving, plus the two apples. Of course, the so-called "apple" is only a small carved apple-shaped stamp it. But this seems to be "castles in the air" type of scoring method, so that the students bring back the original Bingding workbook for With the A's success also, this way, the child joyfully, parents incredibly happy. all the children face are filled with cheerful smiles, the children huddled together often turn work more than anyone else was present in the Apple more and more to be able to get in secretly competing with Apple. I myself around the teacher, the students left the job a lot, but the evaluation of students is low, that parents mistakenly think that children do poorly in school and often lecture children and students is always to see his bright red of the "╳", feel increasingly worse, losing confidence in learning, become timid, and naturally lost much of my innocence due, thus feel that our education should be positive education to less "serious", more delighted; less "harsh" and more work and care, such as this will be made to the "Apple" the same effect.
  (D) remember learning the Tao. Peacetime, when we read books and newspapers, often feel, be enlightened. I remember a teacher read "Who Moved My Cheese," thought the teacher's "golden rice bowl" light no longer feel With the increasing requirements for teachers and new students of the decrease, "the last one off" is an indisputable fact. Only by constantly upgrading ourselves, can the "cheese" is always their own, this written article, "Who Moved the teacher's cheese ", published in the" mitr kru "together in 2002 on the 7-8, there is a teacher read" American teachers to teach "worm," "the teaching in their own nature also made a similar attempt , wrote a chapter entitled "" Moving "to teach (to catch ants)," the article, the harvest is still quite large. lesson for students to catch her before the ants, and ants for students to be able to breathe vial installed in the yard, so that the students habits of the ants have a deep understanding; classes for students painted her ants, driven students to observe the small ant positive attitude, and then let the students said the ant's body structure, Thus, textbook knowledge that the abstract the minds of the students become concrete, and vivid, and with the shortened distance between the students, so students learn very high enthusiasm. teaching effect is of course teaching the kind of indoctrination can not match. I thus came to realize that, the creation of student activities harmonious situation, so that students can freely participate in activities which threw himself, and then receive good teaching results. This kind of teaching is far more to maintain the dignity of the teaching profession students artificially opened distance is much more clever way. because of the undemocratic teacher-student relationship, teacher-student relationship eventually led to the opposition; students for "offensive monk" and "hate and robe," because the "evil of their division" and "tired of their religion "" light of their reason. "lecture course, feel the handy, continuous burst spark students thinking ... ... you may suddenly have some kind of perception and enlightenment, resulting in peacetime did not think the point of view, usually not aware of the material found . In this regard, we must promptly recorded.
  Zai lecture course in as a teacher, taught in many of the opportunities, and most cases Xia, hear the most is the High Quality Class. By comparison, to find Chaiyi. Siwei difference is the source, that is Chan Sheng Xin Guan Nian and new ideas of fuse. we can talk to teachers and students from the after-school, students learn to capture the success or failure in teaching the subject of essays; also read other people's education and teaching through the paper or from the website of the Education Teaching Magazines and capture.
  Education essay writing, we can combine cases for both of:
  1, from the point and the surface for divergent thinking. Li Town, a teacher from the school forced her hair cut, think of the school's dictatorship, and then think of all the undemocratic tendencies in education, and to dissect this phenomenon.
  2, surface to deep excavation. For instance, we often encounter in teaching students, "contradicting the teacher" phenomenon, teachers lead students why contradict the roots of this phenomenon where, how can we Liaojiu such heat treatment or cold treatment is the outcome of treatment is handling the issue by what you get inspired if we really thought about it, and put into action, and certainly there will be harvest.
  Fourth, how to write essays education
  Very simple, as long as its seen, heard and thought to the real world to move around their pen, moved his fingers, move your hard drive you can, without too much emphasis on logic Ji-without very particular about the literary grace, but you feel the flow of natural, heart murmur, the wisdom of precipitation. Some teachers will say they did not have time to write anything, or think of writing articles on the headache that this is a time-consuming matter, It is not. In our contact with the process and teachers, teachers often hear stories about many wonderful education, to write these stories down from the oral into the written word, is a very good essay.
  Essay on the character of education in a "with" word - casual, at any time, conveniently, Xpress, etc..
  Readily: Essays are often involved in a number of real-time events and ideas generated at that event, the idea that flash like a little spark, so they need time capture record. For throwing a period of time, you are right the memory of the incident may not so clear, the story hardly complete, the spark of thought may also disappeared. so readily to develop the habit of writing. If education diary to note, you will find that many of them You may not remember things, but at the time how it is to expose you to shock.
  Random: Essays no format requirements, what arguments do not need arguments, the text can be longer or shorter, if the use of 200 words will be able to say your words clearly, and not have to conspire 1,000 words. If you do not think this shows what a good, but this Querang You have a sense, not that unhappy, you do not simmering hard to find what theory do rely on, you can write things out, leaving the reader to understand .
  Xpress: Xpress mentioned here has two meanings, firstly, arbitrary, without too many restrictions; second is to document with the brain. The article was written document, but the brain come up, so the essay is a document with the brain to .
  The most important point is that, to written essays, Key also to write, start writing, and can have a good essay.
  Many people say to me to reflect on teaching no problem, but to write a reflection Suibi, then with the pressure because, generally we think reflect 5 minutes also, the 50 minutes are also available. Can write the article is different, 5 always thought that it would not really articles. is the notion that adverse effects on the initiative to write essays. In order to change the passive situation of their own, why do not modify it to read the old ideas that no one actually been teaching essay provides not only write five sentences. If you thought is a good essay after the five sentences.
  For example: Today's import is not ideal, because the students did not arouse attention, mainly the choice of material is too old, and used too much time in the future I have to change.
  This is a five-point teaching essays, I think it is a good essay, it may not be suitable for publication but teachers teaching essay writing is not primarily for the publication, but changes in their teaching, for their own improvement. This Although the five-point essay, but found the teaching problems, to find the reasons for the problem, and remind ourselves Yao Gaibian. Erju Gongzuo busy this essay on the Jiaoshilaishui, more realistic. Of course, I am not saying that Xie Essays only five phrases, but rather that analysis to specific circumstances, there would be a long while without so short, there is no time to write you a long time to write the short.
  With the theme, how to get a high quality of the essays you might usually find something to say not that bad, because the theory is still a lack of accumulation, not from the theoretical level opponents in the material processing, integration, and expressed their own unique perspective. The temper of this crucial process requires us to:
  1, focusing on the theory of accumulation. Theory of accumulation no shortcuts, only the usual solid study and make extracts of the passage of time, and then from the material to naturally handle handy.
  2, carefully read the outcome of another essay. General newspapers and magazines have some very close to our actual work of teaching essays, you can thin to analyze how they arrive at their views summarizes the passage of time, we will also be a great inspiration , feeling suddenly enlightened.
  Fifth, teaching essay writing the attention point.
  l, conception to the new. is your Experience in Teaching written not only feel a new idea, let someone else take a look and feel fresh and new, can not repeat the arguments of others.
  Two, provide examples to the specific and vivid. In the example, must take the facts and understand the time, so that readers after the thinker, but also learn.
  3, to do little in Seeing. Departure from the individual specific examples, can embody the general rule. Pay attention to the central idea Jizhong Dao 1:00 up, Fan Ying Jiao profound problems and reason. Shi readers to Paradoxically, by Ge Xing see similarities.
  4, the article structure may be flexible. Teaching essay is not a fixed format. To outline the center and write this article, the purpose, and then provide examples to clarify the facts and process, it concludes the summary of the experience of teaching experience.
  We wish from now, will own teaching practice and ideas together into words, "My Hand My Heart", daily, weekly squeeze time to write a little, persistent, cumulative, will stay in the education journey in growing their own Track!
  What is the essay?
  1. Still made readily write. 2. A flexible and casual notes or style. 3. A prose genre. Are short, flexible form of freedom, can be lyrical, narrative or commentary. Can think, write what, with the mood to write
  What is the essay?

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