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Diary and Letters

  Diary (rì jì)〗 〖diary
  Chinese Liu Xiang, "A New Order Miscellaneous": "Secretary of the king of off the books, Japan has recorded it." After that day, the book notes, or encountered every day and doing a record for the "Diary."
  】 【Explained
  1, Commercial Press, "Four corner New Dictionary": "daily record of life experiences, notes."
  3, "Modern Oxford bilingual dictionary": "daily record of events and thoughts etc."
  Diary also refers to the contents of the carrier to record as a literary style, are narrative in nature Practical. Diary contents, from our observations of life, therefore, can be notes, you can write, can be like structures can describe the scenery, of course, can also account activity, whatever its done in a day or see, or hear to, or thought, can be a diary of the content. The annual college entrance essay will appear in the form of diary writing, always writing diary, and writing helpful.
  As the name suggests is a diary recorded day. Then the diary is not only written the day thing? Not. Should also write something in the past, if a single length of the journal, or day, nothing to write, or what happened before is not timely to write, can in later years, recalled thinking after write over. Do not need to write the contents of the good phrases to modify, after all, only individuals in one day to do things with words and save it. As long as consistent, people read it very comfortable feeling. Arbitrary - what to think of what to write. To create a relaxing reading environment is sufficient.
  Although the diary does not just write something that day or what day of the day written. Do not bring the matter to a later day, go to write.
  Write your diary is the mental activities, sometimes the same as punching bag, is a good mind to talk to about the object. Also because of the diary of this special feature, some parents and teachers will peek their children, students in the end in what to write, is there a curse themselves. If so, they will certainly blows the child. This behavior causes the students not to write the truth, fear of parents and teachers to see. Hope that teachers and parents to an open space for children.
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