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Tourist festivals represented by the Beijing International Tourist Culture Festival shall be further improved.

  Culture is the soul of travel
  As the world's largest industry, tourism is not just an economic phenomenon, but also a cultural phenomenon, culture is the soul of tourism, there is no culture of tourism is not viable tourism. Thus, cultural package tour, is the key to create a special tourism.
  Sichuan is a province of eco-tourism, good ecological and cultural features will undoubtedly boost ecotourism new heights. In the Northeast, verdant lush forests, magnificent mountains and spectacular Stone Forest, Graceful "18 Moon Lake" and the annual "Red Day" activities, these eco-tourism resources and rich and unique folk customs and pavilions, gorgeous scene, constitute a charming picture of the colorful pieces, Nanjiang culture in recent years in the exploration of eco-tourism should be said that some measure of success, the county through "cuckoo Tour", "Red Tour", "rime trip "" Adventure "," Ecological Tours "and" expedition tours "and other eco-tourism, forest tourism increasingly rich cultural connotations. Also, I think, eco-tourism and cultural but also a deep level mining, tourism as an example to red leaves, red leaves is a natural resource, is also an ecological culture, especially Daba, ginkgo, Cercidiphyllum, Liriodendron, red birch, yew and other leaves, can enjoy leisure, aesthetic appreciation, but also scientific investigation and commemorative collection. Mining the cultural connotation of these rare species, can enhance the scenic grade.

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