classical novels  a historical novel  children's literature  Novel Pingjian  native soil novel  city novel  Xuanhuan a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct(in olden times)  romantic fiction; sentimental novel  film and television  outbreak novel  detective cliffhang 

  Religious novel  other classic  San Yan  script for story-telling (in Song and Yuan folk literature) novel  Shenmo to record the weird, occult and myserious  Fictionalized history Shuibu  chivalrousness novel  gifted scholars and beautiful ladies  the ways of the world humanity  desk novel  acrimony denounce  Tangsong legend  to copy by hand romantic love  mandarin duck buckeye

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  Classic Novels
  1, that have been handed down from ancient times was considered in a certain model of authentic or something. Such as: classical philosophy.
  2, refers to the ancient culture of the man who created a classic. Such as: classical poetry.
  3, full of ancient characteristics. Such as: classical woman.
  4, that allusion.
  Europe's "classic literature" and "classical music" and does not refer to the ancient Europe (Prehistory to AD 476) of literature and music, but from the 16th century to the 19th century as a modern European cultural forms, with structured , pay attention to logic and so on.

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