Table of Classification of Fantasy & Martial Arts
Martial ArtsMagic Fairy MysteryScience fiction
surrealismPhilosophical novelNet novels

Parent type: Fantasy & Martial Arts

  Surrealism (surrealism) is a genre of literature and art began in France, from Dadaism, and for far-reaching influence of the visual arts. 1920 to 1930, prevalent in European literature and the arts in the. Explore the theoretical basis for this faction is affected by Freud's psychoanalysis, devoted to the discovery of human subconsciousness. Therefore the government should give up the logic, order based on the experience of the reality of the image memory, and show people the image of the deep psychological world of reality concepts and try to instinct, the unconscious and the integration of the dream experience. Surrealism to the traditional view of art had an enormous impact. Also often referred to as surreal movement, or simply surreal.

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