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  China Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty of military theory, 7, engaged in military activities in the school. One Hundred Schools of Thought. According to "Han Dynasty History" records, military strategists are divided into military trickery home, soldiers, family situation, soldiers and military skills of the School of Family four. Representative of military strategists are Spring and Autumn Period Sun Wu, Sima Rang Ju, Warring States Period, Sun Bin, Wu Qi, Weiliao, Gongsun martingale, Zhaoshe, white, the early Han Dynasty, Zhang Liang and Han Xin and so on. Today there are military strategists book "The Art of War", "Sun Bin Art of War", "Wu", "Tragic Hero", "Wei Liao Zi" and so on. Militarists book is rich in simple materialism and dialectics.
  Main representative of military strategists, the late Spring and Autumn are Sun Wu, Sima Rang Ju; Warring States have Sun Bin, Wu Qi, Weiliao, Wei Wuji, white from the other; Han Dynasty had Zhang Liang and Han Xin and so on. Keep military strategists have this book, "Huang Di Yin Fu Jing," "Tragic Hero", "Three Strategies," "The Art of War", "Sima Law", "Sun Bin Art of War", "Wu", "Wei Liao Zi," "will Court, "" Military Strategies "," Tang Liwei Gong asked for "other. Although the similarities and differences between various theories, however contains a wealth of simple factors of materialism and dialectics. Military strategists of the practice and theory, influence, and later was a great, valuable for our ancient heritage of military thinking.
  "Tragic Hero", the old question of the week. Lvwang essays. "Zhuang Zi Xu no ghost articles," and "Gold Edition Tragic Hero." "Annotation of Classics" said: "Phrase, Cui essays goes:" Gold Edition Tragic Hero, "is" Zhou Shu "English Version, this has a" Tragic Hero ", that s Six: Wen, Wu, tiger, leopard, dragon , dogs also. "is the beginning of the Warring States Period, the original is the name. However, the thought that "s Six" by far unknown. "Textual Research on" the art recorded vain, but Confucianism a "History of the Tragic Hero Week" 6, Ban from the note said: "Hui, Xiang the busy, or say when the king was, or say Confucius asked Yan." Then "6 Tao "Do not for a book. Reappraisal note to this the "Tragic Hero" as the, of not owing Lu Deming said, but will pull together Secular laws? "First Lord of the Three Kingdoms Biography" Note, before "the concept of leisure calendar philosophers and the" Tragic Hero "," Rule of Law ", intended to benefit people blog." "Suizhi" only contained in the "s Six," five volumes, note said: "Liang volumes, Emperor Wen Jiang Wang essays division." Zhu Song "Chi" is because the. This examination of its text, probably meaning of the word Qian Jin, do not type the classics, such as avoiding the main hall in the busy, things are after the Warring States Period. General word, see the beginning, "Zuo Zhuan", weekly there is no such name. The backing of the track, Zhuoran may experience. And "Long Tao" in the "Yin Fu" chapter says: "Lord and will have the Yin Fu, who eight and so on, beat the opposition of the foot long break, break character length Nine Inch army to defeat the break three inches long and only. "pseudo-essays cover the meaning did not know what Yin Fu, Fu Festival break mistake, then gloss over that remark, especially shallow and is definitely not the old version when the Han. Therefore, Zhou "involving pen" that: "The book and the edge of Qi, fishing and hunting their word, and decorated with modern military series of floating on shallow split no application." Hu Ying-lin "pen Cong," too, said: "its" Man cutting "," Yin books "and other articles for the Sun, Wu, Weiliao the disdain all." Ran Chao Gongwu "Reading Zhi", said: "Yuan Feng, the" Tragic Hero, "" grandchildren, "" Wu "," Sima Law, "" Yellowstone Three Strategies, "" Weiliaozi "" Liwei Gong asked to "be awarded martial art, Hao Yue』 『seven books." is it to have been a long time, about soldiers home, constant of proportionality above. Today it still recorded a deposit of, and preparation of the Chun split like right.
  "Three Strategies", also known as "Yellowstone Three Strategies" is a famous ancient Chinese book on military strategy, Ancestor per harvest is listed among "Seven Military Classics" one. Huang Shi Gongzhuan Old Topic, passes to come out with the early Han Zhang (According to "Historical Records Liuhou family" records, Yellowstone transmission and Zhang's book as "grandfather Art of War" rather than "three slightly"). According to today's Scholars, "Three Strategies," written in the Western Han Dynasty, the real author has not test. "Three Strategies" is the first ancient Chinese book on military strategy experts say the strategy, mainly to discuss political strategy, and, and military strategy. Since the book came by successive politicians, military strategists and scholars attention. Song Chao Gongwu called: "On the use of troops wonderful machine, strict the decision, the military can be prone to death, the country can save easily die." The book has introduced to Japan and Korea, and had considerable influence. "Three Strategies," with minor points, in a little, & c., Volume 3, a total of more than 3800 words. Extant of the earliest printed edition to the Southern Song, Mitsumune years, the engraved "Seven Military Classics" this, the electronic version of the "renewal of the ancient Yi series" Shadow Song "five by seven books" as a libretto, on the master copy on the apparent mistake, Yan, off, misuse of office, the reference to "five by seven book notes," "Five Health Solutions Seven Books" and "five by seven textbooks Solution" and other corrections to. Paper under the guise of a general character and ancient characters replaced with the text with modern word, not an alternative indicated in the notes.

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