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  Knowledge is a sure knowledge of a topic, and these have the potential ability to recognize specific purpose use. The ability to know things, philosophy is one central issue of controversy, and has its own branch - Knowledge of. From a more practical level point of view, knowledge is often shared by some groups, in this case, knowledge can, through different ways to operate and manage.
  Definition of knowledge
  Defined as we discussed the meaning of knowledge provided a philosophical basis. But the overall understanding of the philosophical theory of reflection is also required from the individual specific cognitive perspective, so as to effectively guide the school's specific teaching.
  Although knowledge is a central component of daily life, but the precise definition of knowledge is still philosophers, social scientists and historians have a great interest in the topic. More discussion of many thinkers, and knowledge must have three characteristics: to be confirmed (justified), true (true) and be believed (believed). Achieve these three conditions is very difficult, even impossible.
  By describing how knowledge is used to examine the knowledge is also a common practice. In this sense, knowledge is the intention of discussing the different information. DIKW system, data, information, knowledge and wisdom into a kind of pyramid-shaped hierarchy system, and this model is consistent with the DIKW system.
  Purser & Pasmore that knowledge to accurately define it is very difficult. For example: What is knowledge? How to obtain knowledge? What is valid knowledge? These issues are very difficult to answer, but if the answer is what knowledge will be difficult to design and produce more effective use of knowledge organization. Therefore, Purser & Pasmore knowledge will be defined as: "to make decisions with the facts, model, schema, concepts, ideas, and intuition of the collection." Badaracco of knowledge is defined as: to obtain from human activities in the truth , principles, ideas and information. Japanese scholars TianZhongYu Jiro believes that knowledge is a multidimensional concept, with multiple levels of meaning. Knowledge involves belief, commitment and action, etc., can be divided into implicit and explicit knowledge. He Guangguo believes that knowledge is an experience accumulated Di record; Second, the fact Zuzhi the systematic; three of the facts of the understanding; 4, an understanding of the behavior or condition; five, people known and unknown. In addition, Davenport, according to knowledge characteristics Zhi Chu, knowledge is a mobile, as a synthesis of which include: 结构 化 experience, value and Jingguowenzi of information, but also the expert insights, Wei Xin evaluations of their experiences Zheng He and information and so provide a framework.
  Can see from the above, knowledge is abstract, is to use some form from the present to convey the concept. For example: the ancient Jieshengjishi, showing the white flag down, are borrowed from the guitar string, a white flag and other symbols to convey concepts. But when the more frequent human activities, the simple lack of symbols to convey ideas of both sides. Therefore, with the words and language symbols as a communication tool for the rise. In the communication process still need to think it over, and finally to produce knowledge. From this, knowledge is accumulated through the experience of previous formation.
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知识 zhī shí
  Human understanding of the results. From social practice. The primary form is the experience and knowledge, an advanced form of the system of scientific theory. Get their way knowledge can be divided into direct and indirect knowledge. Its content can be divided into natural science, social science knowledge and scientific knowledge of thinking. Philosophy of knowledge about nature, society and thinking, knowledge of the summary and conclusion. Knowledge of the general practice in the community continue to accumulate from generation to generation and continued development.
  This understanding of human nature and society, including the results of empirical knowledge or crystallization and theoretical knowledge. Mao Tse-tung, "Rectify the Party's work style": "Since the existence of class society, the world's knowledge only two, a struggle for production of knowledge, a class struggle knowledge of natural sciences, social sciences, is that two kinds of knowledge crystallization, and philosophy is the nature of knowledge and social knowledge in general and summary. "qing" on the truth ":" everyone in the knowledge requirements of the real, they want to know the facts, seek the truth. "Ba Jin" <Selected Works of Ba Jin> postscript " : "I get a lot from their knowledge of life."
  Let's look at a knowledge of the class diagram: Figure progressive intellectuals
  Here we can see the evolution of the five levels of knowledge, can be two-way evolution. Sorted out from the noise in the data into information, upgrade knowledge to the level of wisdom. Such a process is the information management and classification process, so that classified information from a large disorder to order, what they need. This is a knowledge management process, so that the value of information is a distillation process.
  Conversely, with the great wealth of information on the means of production, when the information reaches a certain amount of time, we found that the noise occurred, the process of information production is actually a continuous process of decline, from the wisdom - for the dissemination of knowledge, from literacy to information, information into the record from the data to the data applied here has lost value, only the value of the record, declining to the noise from the data, it is simply a nullity.
  From this we can deduce the following detailed procedures:
  Analyzing the evolution of this knowledge process, we can already see the definition of knowledge requires a few key points:
  Brought on by the need to have immediately can guide practice, of action. Whether the sublime with the correct, this also depends to some extent with the people.
  Express the performance can be expressed, manifested, with inheritance. Expression in different forms, but the recipient must be able to understand the process of expression may have some information loss.
  Thus, we can make the following conclusions, all human knowledge is summarized, and that right real, practical guide to solve the problem of perspectives, experiences, programs and other information.
  Knowledge as a special kind of information, it has more additional features, that is, the more a certain kind of information to increase if the stigma of such features, the closer knowledge.
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知识 相识
知识 相识
知识 相识
  Knows; met; Friends: courtier and more knowledgeable.
  "Mozi Order": "The brothers Yuxian have knowledge of, for the church, in the Wuling into the Lane." Cen Mian Note: "Knowledge and friends also." "Lu contingency": "people who have big stink , brothers, wives and knowledge of its relative incompetence and the Home. "Han Jung" Sheng Hsiao-chang of the book ":" at home and knowledge, scattered away, surviving only Hueiji Sheng Hsiao-chang. "Tang Bai" to send away a sense of death "poem:" Yesterday A smell death, at the present press B to die. Knowledge-thirds in the second division for the ghosts. "Ming Luo Guanzhong" Gathering "Wedge:" Upon recent imperial edict, the recruitment of people in Zhiyong ... ... brother, but have the knowledge, when we introduced for the country . "
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知识 有关文化学术的
知识 有关文化学术的
知识 有关文化学术的
知识 有关文化学术的
  Means that the culture of scholarship: intellectual | intellectuals.
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知识 知道
知识 知道
知识 知道
知识 知道
  Know; know; understanding; identification
  Knowledge and something
  Han Liu Xiang "column tube female concubine Jing Chuan Qi": "people language Jun men, not knowledge of the evil king?" "Can Jia Wei Shu biography of castration": "Sejong the end, gradually being knowledge, was sufficient chamberlain . "Xue Tang with weak," Wang Feng Yi Ji collection ":" Each side have recorded seven nest Zhu, Wen if the wrong seal, but buckling Goulian, not knowledge. "" first moment Pai An Jing Qi "Volume Seven:" large relative to respect the main hospital, and saw his body of knowledge of things, where the size of the yard affairs, noted that with his ideas. "Lu Xun" three free set of today's New Literature Overview ":" In the literary world, too, we know too modest, and help us too little knowledge of the material. "
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知识 结识
  Met; intercourse. "Appreciative Helen Yu Chuan": "Helen of the stocky, with people of knowledge, will keep visiting relative, affinities Jieyou beginning and end, termed as the world." "Water Margin" Article IX back: "It turned out that Huan Wen chapter is well-known scholars, courtier and more knowledgeable, ready to meet the food and wine. "
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知识 辨识事物的能力
知识 辨识事物的能力
  Refers to the ability to identify things. Jiao Hong Ming "Jiao Shi document read by Mencius": "As a child of the child, the knowledge of students, chaotic digging carry on."
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  1. n.:  acquaintance,  cognition,  information,  knowledge,  learning,  lore,  mastery,  (adj.)  intellectual,  knowledge-related
  2. v.:  know
  1. n.  savoir
  2. nf.  connaissances
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