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  The first of the four Buddhist mountains in China - Wutai
  Mount Wutai is the head of China's four major Buddhist mountains, is located in Wutai County, Shanxi Province, 230 kilometers north of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, the railway station 48 km south of Mount Wutai.
  Wutai formed by the East and West in Wufeng, ring base 250 km. Temple temple is divided into two kinds of green and yellow temple, the temple stay young monk, Wong Temple (Buddhist temple) to live Lama. Mount Wutai has 360 temples in the past, to have 124 in 1956, of which Green Temple 99, Temple Wong has 25, Pusa Ding Temple is a live transmission of the Manjushri office for the first Wutai Temple Yellow. Four dozen existing temple office.
  Mount Wutai is the Manjusri temple, Taiwan Wye town is where the largest concentration of temples, a monastery next to one, was through Temple, Tayuan Temple, Pusa Ding, special like Temple and Lo Hau Temple and five major Buddhist temple known as the Mount Wutai.
  One of the four Buddhist mountains in China - Putuo Mountain
  Putuo Mountain is one of China's four major Buddhist mountains, but also the famous scenic resort island. So beautiful, there are so many cultural relics of the island, may be unique in our country. Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang Province, about 100 nautical miles east of Hangzhou Bay, is a small island in the Zhoushan Islands. Island area of 12.5 square kilometers, was long and narrow shape, the most north-south strengths of 8.6 years, most things outside the 3.5 km wide. Foding Shan highest point, about 300 meters above sea level.
  Mount the Haitian landscape, regardless of which area, attractions, all people feel brighter. Although the wind howling, turbid waves emptying, but does not give people a stormy sea of feeling, only that these different King Office Outlook exciting.
  Putuo Mountain resort as a Buddhist, when 82 Dasi'an height, 128 Mao Peng, Monk Nida 4,000. To the tourist who stroll among the island's trails can often encounter a monk wearing a robe. Beautiful natural scenery and rich atmosphere of Buddha Capital, it cast a layer of mystery, and this color, it is also, where visitors have a strong attraction.
  Mount both with magnificent sea and sky to win on, he known for deep forest. Mountain scenery, overlooking the sea, an island floating in the sea, Block, white sails moving the meantime, the scene is extremely moving. Putuoshan predecessors made such a high rating "to the mountains and lakes of victory, then push the West Lake; to the mountains and the sea wins, when push Putuo." To the West Lake, Putuo, compared with the earthly paradise, it should be, the reviews are objective.
  Putuo Mountain's scenic spots and attractions are many, mainly Lifeline, Dharma Rain, Hui economy the three major monasteries, which is now preserved more than 20 by Dasi'an largest. Puji Temple was built in the Song, dedicated to Kuanyin Mountain in the main brake, total construction area of more than 11,000 square meters. France temple was built during the rain, the mountain with insurance, stacked layers built around the magnificent old trees, very quiet. Hui, on economic Temple was built in Foding Shan, also known as Foding Shan Temple.
  Rock formation. Pan Tuo have known stone, two stone turtle listen Act, Haitian Buddhist stone are more than 20. Phase between the tribes there are many cave scenes, the most famous Chao Yindong and Pure Sound hole.
  Beach. There are many beaches around the island, but the main steps of courage sand sand and 1000. Step 1000 is an arc of sand beach, about 3 years, sand and Pohuan, voluminous Tanzania soft sand is a good beach. Summer to visit, may bring bathing suit swim here. Lush trees on the island of trees, forest Youhe the United States, there are camphor trees, Podocarpus, Ginkgo biloba, acacia and other trees. Large camphor tree along the more than 1,000 strains. Among them, a thousand years Guzhang, girth 6 m, the number of acres of shade. There is a "Carpinus" is China's rare precious species, as the national second-class protected plants.
  Mount it many folk stories about Buddhism.
  One of the four Buddhist mountains in China - Mount Emei
  Emei as a huge Ping, stands in the southwest of the Chengdu Plain, the mountain overlooking soft curved profile, like a girl's face and eyebrow shaping, so that people will call it early, "Emei." Review 200 km Mountain, and "Asian backbone" of the spur of the Kunlun Mountains Qiong Xiashan connected. Emei Shan Tai Mindanao-wide, two Bauer, three lofty, four hills in four-Bauer, the general visitors to the mainly Qifeng save together, meets the big attractions Asan, which is usually the people today, "Mount Emei."
  Emei rich flora and fauna, as a larger gap between the mountain foot of air temperature, from the foot of the mountain to the peak temperature difference of about 15 ° C. This natural environment for a variety of plant growth provides a good condition, scenic spots with more than 5000 kinds of plant growth, far exceeding the number of European species of all plants. One known as the "Flower of beauty" for there are 29 varieties of azaleas. There are ancient ornamental plants, "the Chinese dove tree" - involucrata; scenic area of more than 2,300 species of wild animals, like dead leaves butterflies, red pandas, Honey Buzzard, wildebeest, white-han birds, especially the mountains in the naughty monkey group, often begging or playing to the visitors, striking. In 1981, when Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Japan and other 10 countries of the scholars of the British Institute of International Panel of trees in the Emei Mountain after inspection to botanist Tom. _Set_i experts headed by unanimous praise Emei is the world's most beautiful national parks, is a treasure trove of rare plants and the world a paradise for plant lovers. As the seasons change and the different mountain, with magnificent old trees, waterfalls genial, and overcast, sunny, wind, rain, clouds, fog, frost, snow exaggerated to make a more quiet Emei scenery, scenery alone show.
  One of the four Buddhist mountains in China - Jiuhuashan
  Jiuhuashan temples everywhere, incense smoke, are the believers worship of the Holy Land; Jiuhuashan beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, the tourist summer of shengjing. In the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, Jiuhuashan dominate, with "incense Best", "Southeast First Mountain" is known for the double crown at home and abroad.
  Jiuhua history
  Jiuhua 1000 Temple, and threw in the clouds. Buddhist Sin City has the reputation of the nine Mountain, to a large number of Buddhist temples and beautiful scenery, a national cultural heritage in a bright pearl. Jiuhuashan formed in the late Cenozoic, On Buddha started Northern and Southern Dynasties. According to historical records, Emperor Wu Southern prison two days (AD 503), that is, monks were tigers, tigers Jiuhuashan pick Baoyan Temple building; Tang Kaiyuan, a monk TAN number to this practice. Kaiyuan, Tianbao period (AD 713-755), the new king room nobles Jinqiao Jue Luo became a monk, crossing China to Jiuhuashan ascetic, living in caves Dongya peak, touched the believers, the local gentry Zhuge Festival loss of capital, as Jin Qiaojue construct a temple. Jianzhong years (AD 781) Chizhou Prefecture Zhang Yan, petitioned the court give "of the city," the amount of the monastery. Jin Qiaojue passed away, the legend, Ming Gu Yun-Shan, birds of Ai Ti, to the fire, its corpse for three years and more lifelike, the monks respect to Jizo, body building tower worshiped. 9 Hill became land cultivation. Totaling some years after Mount Jiu Hua Buddhist rise and decline of roughly five start-ups during the mid-Tang; the late Tang and Five Dynasties decline; be developed in the Song and Yuan; reached the height of the Ming and Qing. Ming Dynasty Hongwu, Xuande, Wanli repeatedly give money to build Huacheng Si, Wanli also two to Jiuhuashan Huacheng Si Banci "Canon." Jiuhuashan since the Ming Dynasty thriving, Dasi'an total more than 100, many monks and nuns, and Mountain, Emei Mountain, Putuo Mountain were known as the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism. Qing Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong emperors parade south several times, respectively, Chin-Tzu, "Kau Sacred Site," "Fen Pu Tuo education" Yubi plaque, and fail to give heavily repair Huacheng Si. On Buddha, there has been further developed, in addition to Huacheng Si 10 square jungle, they formed a hundred years old palace, Kanroji, Dongya Temple, Gion Temple four jungle. Not years to the Qing Dynasty, the temple was once Jiuhuashan to 150 more than ten seats, the monks as much as three to four thousand people, incense of Sheng, a whole world.
  Jiuhua Culture

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