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  Tourism economy (Tourism Economy) is caused by the tourists, tourism, and tourists with tourism enterprises and tourism-related business enterprises and economic ties between. Tourism enterprises to provide corresponding tourists eating, living, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other services, while tourists pay a certain return, creating a tourist and economic links between tourism enterprises. Travel arrangements for business travelers to tourist activities, need to work with other enterprises or departments in the economic ties. These economic ties constitute the content of the tourism economy, which is part of the national economy.
  The characteristics of tourism economy
  1, gradually easing the economic conditions
  With the recent years of economic reform and development of national and local financial incomes are growing larger, people are constantly Tigao Shouru, so more money on the one hand Ke Yi Yong Yu development Lvyou Ye Suoxu the capital Touru On the other hand residents tourism consumption expenditure had a great growth potential, these favorable market conditions for the next few years China's tourism industry provides a more generous space for development.
  2, more mature tourism economic policies
  Countries to vigorously support and promote tourism development, local governments also actively maintain and promote the tourism industry. Great western development strategy, more to ecological construction and environmental protection as a fundamental point and entry point. Attention to ecological and environmental protection policies of economic development but also provide for tourism policy-orientation.
  3, to speed up the pace of tourism ecological environment
  In recent years, the state of the ecological environment construction, structural adjustment and resources to exploitation of them, constantly strengthening the natural ecological environment construction and Bao Hu, formulated the "National Ecological Environment Construction Planning" and called Geji local governments, Mingque construction Mubiao, tasks and priorities, the full implementation of natural forest protection project, a comprehensive well-organized management of the ecological environment, returning farmland to forest and other projects implemented. Adhere to the ecological environment and water resources, water resources development, integration, and development of forestry, animal husbandry combined with tourism, the principle of combining resources development, a fundamental guarantee for the development of tourism.
  4, to develop the local tourism economy
  5, to the country's tourism market
  In recent years the state will continue to accelerate and develop the tourism industry, improve the tourism market and legal system, rule by law and regulate the tourism market order. Strengthen ecological protection and construction, based on to develop infrastructure, strengthen investment in the aviation industry and standardization management; on the electrification of the railway system speed and transformation, and an increase in the number of extension in the western region; highway construction also accelerated the pace. At the same time great efforts to consolidate tourism companies and intermediary institutions to improve service quality, protect consumer interests. These measures for the development of tourism resources and promote the healthy development of the national tourism market of great importance.
  Domestic tourism investment in the direction of the economy
  1, infrastructure
  China's infrastructure and far from the developed countries, whether hardware or software services should be increased investment. Must continue in transport, urban planning and construction, improve health conditions, and information services such as the last step Caixing.
  2, the ecological environment construction and maintenance
  Sustainable development is the top priority of economic development, tourism, China's ecological environment construction and protection, will require significant investment. China is in urgent need to solve ecological problems are the following:
  (1) forest area due to excessive deforestation, forest area in China to 5000KM2 annual rate of reduction in forest cover only 14%, far below the world average of 25% level.
  (2) grassland steppe of China's current 1 / 3 due to excessive grazing, grazing not only raise grass, many grasslands are destroyed, United Nations Development Programme warned, do not take urgent measures to grassland desertification in China next year, the rate will rise 30%, it will seriously undermine the western part of the natural landscape and cultural heritage.
  (3) the protection of rare plant and animal population growth, and constantly occupied habitat in the international registration of 630 kinds of rare and endangered animals, China has 56 species.
  (4) waste present, China tourist cities and scenic spots not yet have a comprehensive waste treatment methods and processes, each of the tourist season, when many people of the hills, people their path, garbage piles, the measures to be developed by law forms and regulations.
  (5) air pollution a serious air pollution in many cities to frightening proportions. Such as Beijing, has a long history of this ancient city, long ago, according to BBC news reports: due to serious pollution, Beijing is difficult to see the blue sky. Many foreign tourists at the mention of Beijing's environmental problems, all whom pity. Another example of Shanxi's well-known tourist attractions, from downtown to the attractions on the way, the way the smoky tavern, Japanese tourists have to travel wearing a mask sitting in a closed car, loudly complaining.
  3, tourism economy of service
  Service awareness, related to the prosperity of the tourism market in a region, the coastal tourist city are all regarded as an important part of this. China's economic development, tourism is one weak link is the lack of service awareness, tourists everywhere he went, often deceived, and Ai Zai, leading visitors in the care of the local landscape and facilities, littering, indiscriminate cutting plan chaos, destruction facilities a vicious circle. Excellent service and level of consciousness is to maintain and safeguard the healthy development of the tourism market source.
  4, the protection of ancient architectural monuments
  Construction of China in the implementation of the process of urbanization should be carefully 保护 ruins of ancient civilizations and peripheral ecological environment will not be any urban construction from damage and destruction of ancient buildings and archaeological sites. The local government should take practical measures to make urban development consistent with the protection of cultural relics.
  5, consulting and intermediary business
  With the tourism market development, consulting and intermediary industry will develop. Meanwhile, the sound advice and intermediation depends on nurturing and regulating local government management, the most important matter to ensure that tourists can only travel in the local process to obtain detailed and accurate information services, thereby increasing its attractiveness to tourists.
  Adjustment of China's tourism economy focus
  Tourism Economic Development should improve service quality and level of the center. At this stage, China's economic development and improved living standards, the tourism market and level of service quality must be raised accordingly in order to achieve rapid growth of tourism, and this increase is not very easy to implement and often require travel market to regulate all aspects and management. In the nurturing and development of the tourism market, it is necessary to improve service quality and level of the center, focusing on service awareness and service efficiency. Concrete should note the following:
  First of all, to focus on improving service quality. Improve the quality of services mainly in the natural and human environment, to improve the balance. In the case of limited investment, the full use of existing resources, through the improvement of service quality, to maximize economic benefits, to maintain the sustainable development of tourism economy.
  Second, pay attention to improving the level of development of the tourism market. A long time, due to economic backwardness and low living standards, poor infrastructure, tourism, environment and tourism market, the overall level of service has been in a situation of College Students Donate Sperm, on the tourism economy of those areas. If the level of service around the always the case, the development of tourism economy will be difficult to improve. China's current poor state of the environment around the tourism market, and there is chaos investment, low copy construction, manufacturing human attraction phenomena (such as Beijing World Park). Only in innovation and management has improved greatly in order to ensure the proper development of tourism economy.
  The role of tourism economy
  1, increase national foreign exchange earnings, balance of payments
  2, the currency withdrawn from circulation, accumulation of capital
  Another important part of tourism income is the income from tourism. Income from domestic tourism currency withdrawn from circulation for the nation, plays an active role in the accumulation of funds. According to statistics, China's savings from the hands of the masses more than 2 trillion yuan, and annual growth rate of 30%. How to guide consumption, more efficient currency withdrawn from circulation, there are many channels, and tourism is a new channel. With the improvement of people's living standards, the increase in leisure time off, the spirit of the people on the increasingly urgent demand and consumption.
  In fact, China's domestic tourism has emerged in the momentum of rapid development, its economic role is increasingly significant. According to statistics, in 1985, the number of domestic tourism in China is 2.4 million passengers, the total income of 8.0 billion, to 94 years, the number of domestic tourist trips rose to 524 million, total consumption was 102.35 billion yuan.
  3, lead related industries to promote regional economic development
  According to the French Tourism Association, 席菲利普邦 Bell thermal analysis: "43% of the hotels, cafes and restaurants of the benefits, directly related with tourism; air transport income of 42% with tourism-related, 23% of rail receipts, car 12%, agriculture 8%, 6% of the construction industry with the tourism industry. "
  Tourism is a very complex industry, food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment are the six elements of tourism. Have to eat, live, get in, be allowed to leave empty-can buy, there are Department to music. Therefore, tourism development, must continue to lead and this factor directly related to food, construction, transportation, telecommunications, garden, commercial, textile, insurance and other industries.
  According to official statistics, Australia, 29 economic sectors involved in tourism in the 108 industry. Only the construction industry, for example, ten years ago, difficult to stay in our country is a common phenomenon in many cities, when people are out there is even a good place to live, and some even spend the night at the station. But in the ten years to the end of 1998 China has all kinds of hotels 210 000 foreign-related hotel about 4000, more than 2,000 star-rated hotels, including 45 five-star, 117 four-star, three-star nearly more than 1000 home, two star and one star more than 1,000. Large number of visitors a place to live, all grades, no longer the scene of the original. Obtained during the development of the construction industry can imagine.
  Hawaii island of Oahu, before the development is a desolate beach, 50 years after a tourist resort, built in the tourism, commercial street, clouds island. Currently, the island has become a tourist in the world received about 400 million people world-famous tourist area. Construction industry, but also bring with matched water, electricity, gas, heating gas, telecommunications and other industries, hotels in the decoration, furniture, food, health supplies, etc., industrial and agricultural products needed for the production of the corresponding naturally to develop, its knock-on effect is enormous.
  Tourists arrived at a place always to buy some souvenirs, souvenirs and so on back. The tourism elements of the "Share", the tourism demand for commodities driven crafts, souvenirs, and there are national characteristics of the production and development. It is estimated that a passenger traveling in a foreign country usually spend on shopping for travel around all of the 1 / 2. The development of tourism related industries leading role can be summarized in one sentence, that "a prosperous industry of better business."
  4, increase job opportunities
  As the tourism industry to promote the development of many industries, increasing employment opportunities for the whole community. Tourism is an integrated industry, it will not only provide direct employment opportunities to the community, but also indirectly provide employment opportunities for the community. Calculated in accordance with international custom, direct employment and indirect tourism employment staff ratio of about 1:5. One for every room of tourism, can provide direct employment opportunities for 0.75, and, indirectly, to 2.5 in the relevant departments (restaurant, commercial, transportation) to provide employment opportunities. Currently, the city directly involved in the tourism industry that the number has reached 30000 as many indirect 20 million, accounting for one fifth of the total population of the city.
  5, pro-poor tourism economy functions
  Tourism is a quick, permanent poverty alleviation and development projects. From the development of international and domestic tourism can be seen that the speed of tourism development, much faster than the speed of development of various industries. Tourism is an industry after World War II became, in less than half a century, it quickly developed into the world's largest industry. This growth rate is hardly any comparable industry. Our neighboring countries Singapore and Thailand, after less than 20 years of painstaking efforts, on the development of tourism in Asia power, a world famous tourist destination. Many ethnic minority areas in China tourist spots, is in a very short time heat up. Such as Xishuangbanna and Dehong Yunnan, Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, Guizhou, underwater, from the development, promotion to become a hot spot, are only a few years time. Guangxi Beihai faster, only two or three years on the heat up in 1992 reached 150 million visitors. Smaller tourist spots such as the Longsheng a spa, a terrace; melt water of a shell River, develop a couple of years drew on more than ten million visitors, respectively. Because people desire a strong tourism, modern information transmission and transport developed, the development of tourism as long as there is a unique landscape and rich content, to satisfy requirements, and to do publicity Continental seas, thousands of families, can be large in a relatively short period of time paid off, and become a permanent source of income. Therefore, tourism is a short, flat, fast, permanent poverty alleviation and development projects.

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