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  Miscellaneous articles. The narrow sense refers to the modern prose essay to discussion and criticism in the main but with a style of literature means. Is Xua, Commentary, miscellaneous, said gossip, Talk, satirical comedy, humor, comedy, knowledge, comedy, literary style of the general political commentary and so on. Modern Chinese Literary Revolution essays produced in 54, the first of "Reflections upon" the name appears in the "New Youth" magazine. 20 years has been achieved, and then swept the literary world in 30-40 years. After that rises and falls, 80 it flourished. Essays to a wide range of social criticism, criticism of the basic elements of civilization, with a strong spirit of rational criticism and enlightenment color. In general the pursuit of art visualization and lyric of reasoning, generally have a more obvious irony, humor, comedy and wit, debating the philosophical character, has a word of warning, the Ugly, educational, empathy for multiple functions. Lu Xun's essay is an outstanding writer, he pushed to the highly sophisticated essay situation. In addition, ren, Lin Qu, Guo, Mao Dun, Xu Maoyong, Tang Tao, Nie Gannu, Xia Yan, Ba Jin, Deng Tuo, Lin Fang, and others, is more representative of different periods, essay writer.
  Short literary essays is a social comment. It is sensible, but also has elements of literature. It is short and pithy, with humor, satire writing, whipping the ugly, unhealthy tendencies and Pursuit of the Truth, analysis of life. Good essay, known as "Dagger" or "javelin."
  Read the essay, to link the background, and understand a description of the image implied in the reason, taste words, feel the fun and humor, but also carefully figured out a lively, witty, sharp language.
  Is a branch of prose essays, is a variant of argumentation, two characteristics of both discussion and lyrical, often are short, diversity, writers usual twists and turns with a variety of rhetorical devices to convey their own views and feelings, language, Smart , Wan as well as irony, is made to open the society is not forbidden a more popular style.
  Essays Origin
  China's literary history of a proposed "essay" concept, and take it as an independent style of the people, is the Southern Dynasties (Liang) literary theorist Liu Xie. In his "Wen Xin Diao Long" in the title specially written "essays" in the chapter. While summing up his previous essay writing, and to conclude its called "essays", on the other hand since the Qin and Han Li stated there are three essays to spring jade "A king asked," Mei Cheng's "Seven Fat" , Yang Xiong's "Renju" and as the first masterpiece. But the fact is the rise of early Qin prose, the essay has appeared. Qin philosophers article, in fact essays. Later, the essays have been new developments. Tang Han Yu's "miscellaneous, said," Liu's "younger brother identified closure FE could be served," Tang Prosody, Luo Yin and other essays, Ming Liu Ji, "The fruit vendor's words," are all well-known representative works . Essays not only the earliest origins, and its initial position is also very high. As Ban said: "Miscellaneous Homeless flow, cover for official meetings. And Confucianism, Mexico, co-name, method, knowledge of the state system has this, see Zhi-s are all consistent, has more than its director." Visible, essays for the time The role of the community great.
  "May 4th" Movement, many revolutionaries, thinkers, writers have written good essays. One of the most prominent when the devaluation of Lu Xun, he is creating a new generation of wind all essays. He said: "In the sand blow on one's face, Lang Hu flocks of time" essay is "daggers and spears, to sharp and realistic" and "blaze a trail of life and the reader's way to survive with something"; also "is in the hazardous things, give immediate response or opposition in the induction of nerve, is the offensive and defensive limbs. "This is the role of modern essays were accurate description.
  Simply, "Essay": prose. It is directly and quickly reflect the incident or social orientation of a literary paper. In short, lively, sharp and characterized. Wide-ranging and diverse. The social life, cultural dynamics and political events of the essays, topics for the hybrid theory, essays, can be classified in this category.
  Essay Feature
  Is the art of essay paper, it has the following characteristics:
  First, the combat and the pleasure of harmony and unity. Essay is fighting for the "bad things" "give immediate response or resistance" and "neural induction" "hand, foot and attack and defense"; essays another pleasure, it makes readers happy laughter and the old farewell things, get to enjoy the spirit of the United States. Pleasure with fighting for us.
  Second, the argument of the combination with the image of. Essays is the essence of argument, and it has "on" color. It is logical force uniform opponent, the author's ultimate goal is on the right and wrong, Discrimination of errors, revealing the truth. However, the essay's argument is the image of the argument. The image of essays, the most important is "to take the type regular acupuncture restrain disadvantages." Although it is written, "a nose, a mouth, a hair" and its "image" is known to sense; read them together, not only a more vivid image, but can get to see the "era looks" .
  Third, humor, satire and clever use of literary grace. Humor, by insinuation, allegory, pun and other figures of speech, in good smile, exposing the incongruity of life and the paradox of. Ironically, the language is subtle or exaggerated, satire, sarcasm behind, the dark and things. Essay writing technique, is to satire, humor-based strokes. Essays should pay close attention to language, refined, unique, often humorous and have a parallel combination of bulk, fun, wow.
  In addition, the essay has a characteristic: short and pithy.
  Essays media
  Print media: newspapers are now on the essay, "reported essay" sponsored by the Hebei Daily; journals "Zawenxuankan", "Monthly essay," and so on.
  Network Media: Red Net essays Edition, People's point of view version of the Chinese essays Network ("Zawenxuankan" host), Besieged essay network essays network civilians, the people essay net.

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