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  For a long time - since the first advent of several novels of educated youth, the literary periodical publishers, the publishing industry, writers and critics, and social circles and the media, consistent with the formation of a subjective, false, does not meet to judge the actual situation. That is, that in many cities, particularly in many large cities, there is a very considerable number of readers is also very dedicated group of educated youth and they are back to the city. That they seek flowers as bees and butterflies - like, a smell the fragrance of the pollen will be humming one to fly, indulge in educated youth theme of the novel, poetry, essays, memoirs do not want standing nearby.
  So "educated youth literature" name was born.
  So "Youth Literature" is often a topic.
  Of course, if not deny the love of reading Youth Literature educated youth back to the city, but also not realistic. However, they liked to read literature of the educated youth back to the city youth, more than the number of sectors estimated. Not only less, but far less.
  Into words, if there is indeed a so-called "educated youth literature" readership, its main component is back to the city nor the educated youth, but others.
  I was well acquainted with the relationship of not less educated youth back to the city: some years in the educated youth had been with me from morning till evening's close friend educated youth; some or my high school alumni and classmates.
  Needless to say, are men.
  One day I flexor count on fingers a little, they had a row about people. If you expand the terms of all I know as well as general contact with urban returns to youth, about two companies.
  I have a close relationship with the persons, which was about a row of people, only 35 people have read my two award-winning youth novel - "This is the Land of Wonders" and "Tonight snowstorm." "Syracuse" If not for the later made into a TV series, they did not know I wrote it a long. And read my first few were educated youth novel, takes into account the professional and literary place or directly or indirectly. Example, the editor, a reporter. Others are in the "sin" when read. The two youth novel when I include the liberal arts, "Yip" of materials they read in order to complete the job.
  This is about a row of people, half of the gift I signed my own educated youth of their collections.
  Therefore they never read my face.
  I always play gooseberry, and they never talk about literature, but also not foolish to ask them looking over the feeling of reading.
  And they talk about literature with me easily, so that they freely. Me and they always talk about literary treasure of another kind of beauty, always adhere to talk about the principles of mutual understanding.
  Really, Jiujiao even gather, talk about literature, but only the children's educational achievement, about the health of parents and two old, talk about being a man of family obligations and responsibilities, work stress and worry of life bother each other spit Zhongchang, comfort each other, not pleasant?
  I am with them, will say that these are called "chat a little to the question."
  Me and them "talk to the question", they think I am still cute, still a year a good friend. If I pressed to talk about literature, they use very strange looks. Clearly, the realized I was thoroughly changed.
  Fortunately, I did not get it made them feel strange, even, was annoying.
  As the two men even the educated youth of the year, some of them have a class I have taken the initiative to discuss the book to me, of course, talked about my youth novel _set_. If not, other books also make do. And about a class of people, have bought my book. Come to my house, they asked me to sign it. This is about two classes of people, not like my youth novel as it should before buying. But for their children, their niece, nephew nephew niece men, or their wife, their colleagues and even their friends, plus getting laughs from their units to be bought. While others, in order to sign with the name of my book things children ask for help. If the gift, light, and that Nabuchushou; heavier, often against one's will against the like. And the author's signature book as gift, carrier appears to escape convention, the recipient also collected calm. It is a good way. And I just think the way the strongly advocated. I actually think the book can be sent when the ceremony, I was almost always responsive, happy and refreshing. If they want to buy my book my book, also read to me like some serious, then I would rather feel uncomfortable.
  Some people always think that my "Forever" and "educated youth writers" around, certainly more often once again educated youth, "Youth Literature" readers love the soft spot.
  An answer is yes!
  Yes, I did a lot in the past by the educated youth friends love. But they gave me all the love and care, in fact, my only man himself, and showed that in the friendship between us had the incomparable treasure. The literature on them, but my career. They do not Love me, love my dog, even my career and Morales. I have never produced the type of their "immoral" requirements.
  In them, my job is special. Special and away from their interest. This special, often makes them difficult to avoid in my lonely sometimes even greater.
  They most of my career has always been earnest words, "caution points, this line of easy to dry your committed political mistakes. In particular, the _set_ of literary ideas you. Do not careful, do not be silly, not worthwhile."
  So I often thought, literature and the readers to know exactly which types of people? How is formed?
  So it into memory.
  Mortals, both men and women love to hear stories of childhood, love of comics. The stories and comics, is the primary contact with people and literature, as if a small boy on the little girl a good impression on a strong and pure.
  My son is 23 years old, every night haunt me or comic stories wife turned to him.
  "Well say it again, then repeat once again that well ... ..."
  1 "Ten Brothers", a thin layer of two dozen pages, one night he had, grinding his mother told him nine times!
  "And then? Then? ... ..."
  His mother yawned, said: "Wanla, no later friends, friends of the bed!"
  Do not mention her son heard how frustrated. He hoped that the story is never say never have.
  People in the early years of primary contacts with the literature was moving which is really addictive!
  After the fourth grade son, no longer need to tell him that my wife and I began to read themselves. So, my wife and I saved some of the comic that year, became his first literary readings. My wife and I often lamented on our own from the "Cultural Revolution" that comic before save to the "Cultural Revolution" after, and so well preserved. Then none of us think of our next generation should be saved, just as a rare and we did think that things are properly preserved Bale.
  Sons secondary school, start their own books, beginning with students borrow each other.
  The temple, the son no longer see all the literary flavor of extra-curricular reading.
  After high school, his son and literary primary contacts an end. Not because my wife and I forced him to do, but not the contact energy.
  Sometimes we can not help but be a worthwhile read his books recommended to him, he was bored and asked: "I have time to read it?"
  I just burst ... ...
  I have four or five elementary school grade, the class has 67 students who like to watch comic. At that time, a primary school buy comic is a luxury. Although only a comic corners somewhat expensive.
  I am in high school, the class with only 34 students like to read novels. Compared with the primary school, and Literature in the primary contact with students is not significantly more, but less. This is because the comic has not met for students to read more, and buy a 32 to open the "big book" is of course a comic price several times, of course, is more a luxury. You are not me no, you no. Estimated school students read literary works, at best, but twenty or thirty people. I am quite sure that this figure is the. Because when I smell like a good post "Elegant taste" of the dog, what grade classes in which students may have books and I exchanged a look, it will be an extremely sensitive sense of smell I found.
  "Cultural Revolution" started, the whole of China all Chinese and foreign non-"Mao Marxism Realize" type books, almost all burned. Every major city libraries, are protective to seal the door locked up. One with a lock, that is ten years. So all the Chinese people's reading habits are hard to transform lost.
  I do not know my high school alma mater, that 23 year 10 students like to read literary books, literary books, today is still the readers? Notes for my high school alma mater, the year in Harbin is a non-literary books read like a pitiful school students. Learn than a high school in less than high school high school no more than just a number. Because my high school that year had _set_ up "story students will be members of" promoting the city has been how to guide students to read literary books experience.
  No harm to 30 per thousand to estimates by extension, in the year three thousand million educated youth, also 30 million people, but there are two primary contacts with the literature occurred in a decade of educated youth years, is in addition to "gross _Select_ "no books in the years to come. That 23 million educated youth, the later has gradually lost seven or eight of ten out of the reading habit. Life is like to move south to north, gradually changed the habits of winter wear cotton hat.
  23 million of the 10 of July 8 is the amount of self-evident.
  It is they, and later became the first National Youth Literature educated youth readers. Use the term "they" instead of "they" back to the city arises from the educated youth in females. They then later divided into two groups of women: some because of the sensitivity of the educated youth literature concerns a broad audience of literary books. They get to from the Youth Literature is not only the experience of searching educated youth only, it is also the literature of adolescent romance and renewal. This in turn, their primary contact with the literature were laid. Others did not have occurred with the initial contact with literature. They carefully read Youth Literature mainly because, even just because they had been educated youth. "Youth Literature," four words for them, the emphasis "educated youth", not literature. They will be educated youth literature as a close relationship with their text-based "old photo." And imagine the works are often the fate of the heroine is their own or close to their fate in the years educated youth. Even, often consider themselves the fate of the years in the educated youth educated youth literature than the fate of the heroine in a more compassionate, more sad Sad, but touching and moving. Indeed, most of them in the years quite a rough educated youth and even a rough experience. They are often as some of the Youth Literature for their own fate indirect confession. They focus almost exclusively on Youth Literature, on the lack of interest in other kinds of literary books. And their own destiny of the indirect effect of the Youth Literature Confession, they think is good, or feel bad. They have almost remained so. Certain types of educated youth literature, is to connect them with the literature of a very fine very fine red silk. But they feel fine, but a bubbling through the blood vessels, an artery.
  They no longer a girl's age, and Literature in the Primary Contact. Moreover, mainly due to "educated youth" word. Moreover, almost willing to stop at the initial stage of stagnation.
  Of course, this relationship is also very touching, very touching and disturbing it.
  But their limited number, after all, constitute a huge public imagination Youth Literature readers. If the Youth Literature audience composed mainly by women, while women and educated youth is clearly a regrettable way of literature.
  Educated youth in the "old" high school who was then read a number of ancient and modern is the world's literary classics. Back to the city after the relationship between literature and they are divided into three categories - first class burdened by the family and life, though not the cause of what dominated the life of assiduous effort, but no longer had access to literature (including the Youth Literature); s Type II was admitted to the University, active in the career after graduation, or immersed in science and engineering professions, and treat time as money, do not read "light readings"; the third category, or are admitted to the university, they just are liberal arts majors, they still anything to do with literary occurrence. But they do not actually have an educated youth and the preference for "Youth Literature." Instead, they tend to despise Youth Literature, often show very disdain look. The more up their critics, scholars of them, a senior reporter up to the "Youth Literature" seems more Qiaobu Shang eyes, the analysis of the proposed assessment is often more than their counterparts educated youth are not being mean. They consider themselves the authority spokesman, authoritative critics, think they have a reason how to say. Others can not help but to think so. They educated youth literature on the status of their final booster.
  Of course, there is a fifth class, they might not have access to the University, has been engaged in an extraordinary unit in extraordinary work. But this does not prevent them from exposure and Literature in the second. This is a higher stage of contact. Vision during adolescence than their wide contacts with the literature. Assessment level and not in the same category. They neither reject Youth Literature, not read-only Youth Literature.
  If the statistics about who will be convinced that the "old" were in high school, but also with literary occurrence of a second contact person is small. Occurred, and probably in the third class and fourth class of people. However, they can not conclude that the educated youth in the readership of literature the main component. But should rather they are a higher level of Chinese literature in the major components of readers.
  So, constitute the main components Youth Literature readers, in fact, is back to the city of non-educated youth, what is it from this?
  To say maybe some people do not believe - in fact, mainly the mid-seventies the beginning of the end of eight high school, junior college students, young people in all walks of life, and the ratio of the number of the above three together much less a small part of the educated youth. And still women.
  In my opinion, in the world, love reading fiction books, women, certainly many times more than men. The reasons for this, involving a number of front, deeper analysis, should be another topic, this does not repeat. Youth Literature's hot and cold, in fact as they and their interest in reading changes in the transfer.
  I had the honor several youth novel was made into a TV series. 10 pairs of them and they read me my "work" of the people, about nine are those TV shows.
  But they and they certainly did not know that several of them and their films and television shows can be seen, is very After a series of protest.
  The movie "This is the Land of Wonders" and "Blizzard Tonight", who had ordered to dismount Tingpai ... ...
  "Syracuse" almost not allowed to broadcast on ... ...
  "Ring" has been expressly forbidden to participate in awards ... ...
  They are perhaps the reason - the tone is too dark, not performed well, chewing suffering so.
  Otherwise a lot of critics, mocking my works in Zhang Yang false ideal cover suffering, loss of noble ... interesting ...
  Educated youth work I did gave me some Ukena, but often the right to make me into a killer had left the gun sideways station dilemma. From the official denial and accusations, I have more ability, power to at least defend themselves. From the comments, I often do not know how to deal with. Stubbornly silent, seemed intended to silence criticism with an open mind for the shield should respond. If the defense difficulties, then simply tantamount to reject criticism.
  So I almost always published in these works, written on it 12 small articles, nearly in the nature of the review, the self-creation ability is very limited. This is of course comment on the response returns. I am someone who will cut and paste a copy of such articles, and sent to the relevant departments, summarized: "The look, he is not ashamed to to display your lack of ideals and noble impulse, but where their public representation of suffering sigh powerless! ... ... "
  Only the general reader and the general audience seemed very kind. Because they are not speaking right to review or to comment as a career. Whim, a few pages of stationery an envelope with a stamp, they put a friendly no judgments straightforward clearly and simply sent me. Over the years, I am grateful.
  In fact, my youth novel, so far, only one-tenth of my total writing about.
  "Syracuse," I will not document after the theme of intellectual youth involved, to some extent, is a kind of sideways from that station to get out of a dilemma.
  "Ring" in me, and mind back into what non-educated youth is the theme of "old industry", but write used to be middle-aged urban educated youth of today's lifestyle.
  I look back at his entire youth novel, not their own satisfaction. Some were more satisfied, after a lapse of several years, more and more dissatisfied with the. Wait for them to rewrite. Rewriting is impossible. Rewrite the law no child rewritten. The only self-comfort, was written in good faith is written with passion. Even shallow, even naive, which seats are reserved for genuine creativity and passion is always worthy of their own to keep, ah!
  And such self-assessment, is what I so far, China's overall assessment of all the educated youth literature.
  Educated youth lifestyles are too different, there are Corps youth, a farm youth, have educated youth; a north-south geographical create a gap, but also north and south ways of the world caused by the difference; with age-related differences, some political background caused by the difference; the number of persons caused by differences, there are differences in wages and work-point caused by ... ...
  Any writer, whether he has been educated youth experience, subjectivity or objectivity of some strong some attempt to work through their own few or several tens of millions of educated youth work reflects the fate of the year picture, are not possible.
  All Youth Literature together, like a prism, it reflects the seven colors of light. The most important works of the best educated youth, it is only one side of the prism of Bale.
  Educated youth experience should produce epic works.
  But it has not produced.
  I can not see any signs that will be generated.
  A time when "Down to the Countryside" campaign 30 anniversary this year, will publish books on the theme of many educated youth. Each will have better sales, but which will not dominate. Information feedback to me is - similar to the _select_ion and more innovative and unique perspective of a very small ... ...
  Such a rule is to buy the book the following people:
  Middle school, high school, junior college girls ... ...
  Small part of the University of junior boys ... ...
  Books have emerged in recent years, collectors ... ...
  Small part of the year female educated youth ... ...
  And life more stable year-old youth, they are for the children to buy.
  Their sons and daughters would probably say, "Here, read carefully! Read, you will understand how my father mingled not easy today. You contentment it you! ... ..."
  Themselves, may not look very ... ...

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