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  Martial arts in a broad sense and narrow sense, broad sense, refers to the
  History of traditional martial arts martial arts Prodigal Yi Xia Xia humorous martial arts classic fairy fantasy comprehension for modern comprehension for,
  However, the level of martial arts in the narrow sense refers to the traditional martial arts is the only rebel Yixia martial arts history, martial arts Humorous these four categories.
  【Origin】 martial arts
  Martial arts when there are two sources of literature: "One early Han Dynasty Sima Qian's" Historical Records "rangers, assassins; second, Wei, Six widespread among the 'note body' miraculous, supernatural fiction." Novels on the net www love .92
  If even the Qin and Han Jin Dynasty, the martial arts to build a solid production base, whom prelude; then Tang a leading position in literary history, the martial arts that is really just the beginning.
  Chivalry and knight】 【
  However, the other knight on the many martial arts and we are somewhat similar, and they always seemed to exist between fact and fiction, which seems deeply influenced the later emergence and development of martial arts, they are always with magic and mystery, some even exaggerated the function and role of martial arts itself, but to Superman to appear in getting rid of the martial arts, but also a perfect reflection of people's hope and desire, which were most affected on the later martial arts There are three characters, that is, the more a virgin, red and Kunlun Nu. The more virgin from the "Annals of Wu", the red line from Don. Yuan rural Piece "Ganse Ballad", Kunlun Nu Tang is from "Legend" Historically, many skilled and martial arts are often willing to retire from the dead, this is because people are hard to predict, even Enchongrushan the main people, too, such thinking has affected generations of man many martial arts and martial arts creation. From another perspective, official corruption and darkness, but also make them more willing to keep his nose clean, not partake of this is martial arts have been an important reason why people are respected, but also an ideal of the literati spirit, so there dynasty record of so many writers are willing to write creative stories of these martial arts, is also an important reason.
  【Wei Six Tales of Mystery and martial arts】
  Wei and Jin Dynasties in the literary history of literature is seen as a "consciousness," the formative years of many literary works of this period to Demon, mainly Mystic novel. Works include the ancestors of the gods, ghosts concepts, and the surreal mystical power for himself. This is the prehistoric period to the hero worship of the remaining people in the prehistoric period, people of some hero worship and praise produced exaggerated myth, for example, Shen Nong, Sui people, Nu Wa and so on. To the Qin and Han, filled in the ideological field is the figure who trained himself. Wei later, is cruising the deep ghost ghost.
  Ghost Stories is a strange supernatural things account for the main contents, including the operation of Fairy, ghosts monsters, special party foreign body, such as Buddhist supernatural, there are anecdotal unofficial history, folklore and so on. Art on the legendary and ultra-realistic performance. By Gan Bao of the "Immortals" as a representative, has asked other name Tao "Search Supernatural", the old question of Cao Pi's "Lie Yi Zhuan," Zhang's "Natural History", Ge Hong's "Supernatural Biography" Chia's "theft by finding in mind," Wu Jun "Qi harmonic mind" and so on. Concept of supernatural beings is the ancient ancestors an important part of philosophy, even now, among the working people also exists the concept of a ghost, it has been formed as part of the Chinese spirit. This is actually the result of people to think for themselves, the reality of suffering makes them long for some things beyond the natural, a special ability and some special tools. For example: martial arts, sword, treasure, and so on. These things can only get in the imagination, so there are "three tombs," the sword Gan, Moye; with "Purple" in Xian Shu Road law; with "Liu Chen and Ruan Zhao," a panacea. These things in the later novels is also common, it seems that the reason why martial arts has become an important factor to attract readers.
  Tang and martial arts】 【
  If even the Qin and Han Jin Dynasty, the martial arts to build a solid production base, whom prelude; then Tang a leading position in literary history, the martial arts that is really just the beginning. Song Li Fang, etc. compiled "Taiping" Volume ninety-three to one hundred and ninety-six, particularly the inclusion of the 18 kinds of Tang Dynasty "Knight" class can be seen between the context of martial arts connected with the Tang Dynasty. Tang for the martial arts so that the stand of these persons, which should be the course.
  "Legend" name, like starting in the late Tang Peixing story collection, "Legend", Song Yin Lu division will "use the right words said at the scene, the world thinks it strange" and "Yueyang Tower" as "legendary body." Developed later, the legendary gradually be considered a genre of fiction, such as the Yuan Tao Zongyi "Dropping Geng Lu" about Tang Dynasty and the Song, Jin opera, the hospital the other in parallel, Ming Hu Ying-lin "Shaoshi Shan Cong room document" more to the sub-six second novel that is "Realm", "Story of Huo Xiaoyu" and named "Legend", so, legend known as Tangren Wen made the novel, he continues to use the convention down.
  Emergence of a group of persons and their chivalrous cavalier description of acts of legendary works, related distress the poor and needy, getting rid of Willful hatred, settled by the country in terms of personality in the prominent cavalier and Zhuo Luo Yin Ren fortitude not groups, martial arts superb, exploits The shock the world, thus showing a high hath Pentium uninhibited flow out of the life character. "Ganse Ballad" the "red line", "legend" of "Nie", "Kunlun Nu", "different mind set" of "Jia man's wife", are more representative of the goods; the transfer is made of Du The "Heroic Legends" Late Knight is most famous novel of a success.
  【Song and Yuan Dynasties and martial arts】
  Chinese legend has set a classical "martial arts" in the model, the Five Dynasties and even after the Song dynasty, there is nothing in the subject matter and the development of more prominent is the imitation of Tang. However, this time in the history of literature is of great significance, he was pioneering the meaning of language. "Talk art" in the civil widespread, this vernacular novel and the subsequent punishment rather martial arts origins.
  Song small talk in the love story, they often highlight women's active pursuit of the love life. Such as "ben" in Qu Xiu Xiu, was born in a poor mounting Carpenter family, he's outstanding beauty, bright, more trained to have a good hand embroidery. Helpless family distress, and his father with a piece of paper "offer letter", she was sold and Haman Dukes, since then, blooming Xiu Xiu, Hou body into the door, loss of freedom. Later Dukes House fire, escape the occasion, she met the young talented grind Yu Jiang Ning Cui; Xiu see him honest and reliable, they offered: "Why do not you and I do first couple tonight?" The timorous Cui Ning is not promised. Xiu Xiu: "You know not, my name will be up and teach you bad. You have to be in my home? I go tomorrow, said the government!" Xiu Su Ning Cui know the man, words obviously intended to stimulate his courage, let him with his one free myself, to seek a better life. Another example is "busy Fanlou passionate Zhou Sheng Xian", write Zhou Sheng Xian has shown signs of Hanjiro, they secretly like it, alone, consider: "If I have a husband so the children of a similar, known Hao Li. Today face setbacks (wrong) before, go again discussion? "To capture this rare opportunity, and she dared dare take the initiative to close Hanjiro.
  Kill for love these bold pursuit, even if the novels are still placed there charm. While this theme ideas to improve the level of martial arts, so that the popular literature play in the ideological sense, "elegant literature" role. This involves reversing literature "Ya" and "conventional" transformation problem, and martial arts as a special form of literature, as there is a "Ya" and "popular" issue. Contrast Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties and contemporary vernacular martial arts; How do we distinguish between "Ya" and "Popular" mean? If the distinction between intellectual creation as a point, then the Tang Dynasty is "elegance" of literature, and Song in the artist's creation is the "popular" literature. Most modern martial arts are the creative intelligentsia, which should be seen as "refined," Literature of the. But the ancient knowledge class is different and the present, can not and so on. So in the end is a modern martial arts novels, "Ya" is the "vulgar" to? I think, "Ya" and "Popular" is not fixed, but Fudong Zhao, he was with the object varies. In other words, "Ya" and "popular" issue as from the "literary consumption" crowd of view, "Ascot" even look at "conventional" also "Ya."
  】 【Ming and Qing vernacular and martial arts
  Since the Song Dynasty, the gradual decline of classical Chinese martial arts down. Vernacular Detective, chivalrous novels have become lower middle class working people are loved by the literary style. Vernacular fiction was popular in the Ming and Qing dynasties up, of course, there are a lot of paper during the civil air defense created according to Tang, but not mainstream. Such as: Li Changqi "recorded Qingcheng sword," Lian "Qin Shi Lu", Song Maocheng "Liu Shandong" and Le Palace spectrum "Mao-Sheng", etc., there are considerable.
  However, when the martial arts to the Ming and Qing dynasties, many of which are present in the form of words, such as the Qing dynasty in the "package Detective" played to the basis of the "Five Seven Chivalrous justice", "Xiao Wu Yi" and "children live commentary Heroes" and so on, they laid the Swordsman basic form and pattern, but get really develop and present a kind of prosperous, Que is the Republic of China's 事.
  【】 Republic of martial arts
  1911 Revolution, the people liberated from the yoke of feudalism, the various schools of thought into China, the press, the publishing industry are unprecedented prosperity, literature and art are to develop, a variety of styles colorful schools of literary and artistic works, martial arts have sprung It is a unique spirit of traditional martial arts chivalry won their loved one.
  20 years in the twentieth century, it was first known as the "south to north Zhao" and started the trend of the martial arts and a number of writers, 平江不肖生 is known as the "Republic of martial arts novels of the pedigree." The representative works include "Wild Swordsman," "Chivalry Heroes", etc.; Zhao Huanting there, "Fairy Loyalty Biography" leave the world
  In the thirties, the most famous martial arts have all Haizhulouzhu North Pine 5, white, Zheng card for Zhu Jeong Mu and Wang Du Lu. This is mainly divided into Haizhulouzhu the supernatural novels, White Feather's social novels, Zheng card because of the martial martial arts and Wang Du Lu's four major martial arts school martial arts romance.
  In the Republic of martial arts writers, Haizhulouzhu perhaps best embodies traditional Chinese culture, semi-vernacular language, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism's spiritual philosophy, are converging through the stories. The famous novel of "Shushanjianxia Biography", "Qingcheng 19 Chivalry" and "sea of clouds recorded Vying for" and 40. White feather in the martial arts martial arts community and social life was very close integration, he was sent by Lu Xun and His Brother, and deeply influenced the New Culture Movement, which itself was originally a journalist, he often thought through the martial arts out of touch with social reality to criticize society, the dark, when writing their respectable martial arts cute, but also write them at the tragic reality of society, feelings and helplessness. His masterpiece is "12 money dart", and described the uprising of the White Lotus "flower robbery" and so on. Zheng card for the year, "Ying Zhaowang" Eight parts of the shot is not where he would pride and sophisticated martial arts of Wushu and thrilling adventures integration, with particular emphasis on the description of martial arts skills. His life created a total of 102 works of writers of the then most. Been called combative martial arts that is no exaggeration.
  The Wang Du Lu's martial arts novels are heavy romance, wrote of life and death lingering Department, often deceptive deep. And-coming Hong Kong, Taiwan, martial arts, and most of his walk to open up the this "tragedy Xia love" route. His main representative is the "Crouching Tiger" and "The Crane Rail for five." The most legendary of them is Haizhulouzhu Li Shoumin, he would board the Emei-year-old, Qingcheng study qigong, 16-year-old fell in love with the talented woman Monju, a result of family change and romance, write "Shushanjianxia Biography" when pseudonym Huanzhulouzhu is for Jinian Wen beads. After the rich and powerful daughter of Sun by Xun, marriage is a sensation, Sun father had opposed the marriage of "stealing honest woman" of the charges to court, and the Sun by Xun in the trial, courage to stand up for their freedom of marriage, it acquitted a short time has visited one another, but even more noteworthy is that Haizhulouzhu Li Shoumin I, in the "77" Incident, the Japanese for refusing to serve as pseudo-post caught the Japanese military police suffered severely torture up to 70 days, still unyielding, it is King sigh! As his own, full of a kind of chivalrous spirit. In 1958, a "no Huanzhulouzhu to poison," the article, made him reading by grief and stroke, more than two years after deathbed, dictating complete novel "Du Fu", the pair of Lady Sun Xun said by you Take care, the passing away, is puzzled sigh!
  】 【Contemporary martial arts
  Hong Kong is the birthplace of new style martial arts novel, half of the 50's are Liang Yu-Shen, masterpiece "Seven Swords" series. To "Pingzongxiaying", "云海玉弓缘" to achieve personal creative insurmountable heights. Most of the late works of a style not worth mentioning.
  Beam to create an era of very solid quality of its classic literature, fiction poetry everywhere. But still not completely out of the stereotype of modern martial arts. Good grounding in Classical Chinese reader can see the description text and history are still very level.
  Jin Yong in the late 50's there, so Liang Yu-Shen issued "both Sheng Yu, He Shengliang" of emotion.
  Jin Yong introduced Western literature and film techniques to be kneading techniques, Hong Kong and Taiwan at the time of political suppression and to martial arts into a best-seller.
  In the 69 years of "The Deer" reached its creative peak, and then stepping down gracefully.
  Contemporary Hong Kong, while Jin Feng and Jin Yong, Zhang Meng Huan, Musong Ting, storm lord, peak, stone washed and others engaged in martial arts novels. However, Jin Yong mountain too high, and his contemporary martial arts writer, is unfortunate. Their peers and the late-coming martial arts writer or less subjective conditions, it is difficult almost to continue; usually only follow the previous "Gang Attack Group" large ones, living in rivers and lakes in the killings.
  The early 70s, Jin Yong creating in effect, the Hong Kong martial arts there let thousand flowers bloom situation.
  Taiwan and Hong Kong martial arts be different, in gold, beam contemporary with Sima Ling, Wo Lung Sheng Dugu Hong, Qing-Yun Chen, Yat Siu dozens of martial arts such as professional writers. According to the martial arts master Mr. Ye Hongsheng comment rough statistics, in the prosperous period of martial arts in Taiwan had had at least 300 martial arts rely on this for a living writer, has published at least on the more than 10,000 kinds of martial arts novels. Results were integrated from several of the book to dozens of ranges. One Sima Ling, Wo Lung Sheng Zhugeqingyun said "Taiwan Three Musketeers."
  Sima Ling at the time the greatest influence. Knowledgeable, good at a sentiment or desire, a battle of wits. Especially male-female desire into flames in the psychological changes, and odd are mutually changed virtual and real martial arts art, are unmatched moment. Its early years, first in spirit and principle of imposing martial art to defeat the enemy, has been almost "Road" - and Jin Yong, Gu Long line of succession of the "sword of victory without a sword," saying, serves the same purpose, even worse than. Famous peers affected, inspired by many, such as Cologne, Shangguan Ding, of turning, bleak h ave is.
  Unfortunately, Sima Ling not maintaining steady economic growth; its creation despite the late "sword Haiying Yang" This outstanding masterpiece shine for the martial arts, but then that is getting worse - than "in the shadows" (19 2075) can still be a look outside, the later years changed to "day of heart month" written by the pen name "strong man" series, has been lacking, downhill, the.
  True to the world of Chinese martial arts circles in Taiwan who is Cologne. A martial arts circles in Taiwan, in letters of the name. The only martial arts circles in Taiwan and gold, beam shoulder to shoulder people.
  Thus, the martial arts novel is reborn into a new style martial arts of the temple. But Cologne is not the end of the change, but the way bolted, so dizzying, the suddenly occurred to him awakened. The original martial arts can be written, we can also look. Then he has completed "Sentimental Swordsman merciless sword" (ie Romantic Swordsman), "Tie Dan Hero Soul," Episode II, called God complete air feet, both traditional and modern "contradictory unity" of the United States.
  Early 70s, Cologne by writing "Xiaoshiyilang" (as is the script first, and later novels have) inspired nonsense, and to reduce unnecessary description. Strengthen the body language and scene contrast. From then on Gu Long's become like a poem, haiku class, non-weird prose style. May feel this way the ancient heroes can best express his thoughts, while maximizing the earn royalties. Such as "Meteor • Butterfly • Sword", "Happy Heroes", "Luk Siu Fung" series, "seven weapons" series (only six) and "Border Town prodigal son", "End of the World • moon • Knife," "white tiger", etc. , and both are using the film sub-mirror-for-view approach to writing a novel.
  This simple and direct, animation of the jump to move, the Chinese text is a harm. Nevertheless, from 1965 to 1975 in Cologne between the novel is "thriving", as he describes: "He is a dead man, an absolute dead. The dead will not be talking, talking is definitely not dead . "straightforward kill others, also killed himself. That he became famous peers and new entrants on the object of imitation. But he also kills these days without him is so vertical it was the writers to follow suit.
  Red for ten years, 75 years after the works of Gu Long declining, perhaps to be called after each work has a real heroine, and countless bottles of xo consume too much of his passion. After seeing "Drawing a bell" and part of his works, a deep understanding of alcoholism in the late pain after his run out of ideas. From an idea or thousands of words can be the beginning of the contract in exchange for huge sums of money to post reader gradually cold, ruthless publishers chasing the manuscript. Untimely death is perhaps the most desired outcome of his own.
  85 years of pain in Cologne in cirrhosis has completed his splendid life.
  The late 70's to 80's, only reluctantly took over the Gu Wen Jui-gun, no, the pen. In 1970 he was a "cool and Jade" pseudonym in Hong Kong "martial arts stories" published debut "Kill" (for "Sidamingbu" one story), when he was only 16 years old; despite the fact that techniques are very naive, but imagine rich, have see the potential.
  Cologne impact of its popular early works, such as "Sidamingbu" series, "Divine Swordsman" series are visible traces of the ancient. Since the 1982 launch of "commoner with God," and then, with a number of beads is also a wonderful novel material, so supernatural fantasy grime; and "broken dream knife", and "swordsmen", "kill Chu "and other books, there are many" poems "of language, thought-provoking.
  But from the beginning in 1987, Wen Jui is a "modern" itself. Such as "kill you, will you? "" Please Please Please • • Please Please Please "and" mountains and rivers of air force pulling K-Swiss • beef noodles, "" Please rebellion a "," did not say bad things that can not see, "and so in short, a recent" breast "is unintelligible. And the contents of noodle arranged to show their "modern", this prominent visual effects.
  Postscript in the book, as he said: "The martial arts have mutations! ... ... Successes and failures, gains and losses, I do not care, but this wording makes me feel a lot of fun." So the beauty of Chinese characters, on the Wen Jui "Change ", the split may be fragmented; and" new style "martial arts, but also his" fun ", and be completely" alienation "lost. He was said to have alienated himself now in a psychiatric hospital convalescence.
  The impact of popular Sima Ling Huang Yi, the first re-imposing, if earlier, beam, gold works, adult martial arts has become the most people given potential, not Mei Chaofeng Chuji is regrettable that he never at any time and place can only be tied. A Competition on Huashan Mountain, the two sides of a strife becomes as simple arithmetic. My ranking master and little more, you wait to suffer flat it! Know nothing about human potential, while the Chinese martial arts and Manner of the perfect combination of great importance. When Huang Yi in which the added time, physical, mental and other elements. Greatly enhanced the credibility of martial arts.
  Network in 2000 after a large number of creative writers in the martial arts is good, bad, good or great wealth and prosperity of the readers to see the type and quantity. However, most of the network serial novel, to be on time delivery, and the network is not visible and random writers, leading to a large number of eunuchs works there. Another part of the writer, such as site closure causes serialized work interruptions. Just a few years, the development of martial arts is very fast in China and Hong Kong and Taiwan-and-coming young writers a lot, with and beam, gold, old, yellow shoulder to shoulder potential also just a few.
  Most likely devaluation clay figurines, to a "land so" enough to lay the new style martial arts in the modern world status, language fluency, plot full, very tension. The characters are numerous, but not messy. History of the Ming foundation of deep, while Jiegufengjin, in the past and present worlds. If the defect, is that there are a lot of sexual description, reducing the quality of the novel. Entities in the mainland market is difficult based on the book. In fact, "country" in the latter part of more and more on erotic. This transformation is very similar with Huang Yi. Bold prediction: clay figurine good will is another Jin Yong's disease.
  Others such as Lao Zhu's "Purple River" (military historical novels), essence of the "essence" is also very good. Potential. A good many other writers, but many people took to the fantasy of the way, is no longer within the scope of human struggle. That should be assigned to other topics.
  All in all, the late 90's popularity of the Internet ushered in the martial arts for another spring. Looking forward to the birth of a new generation of master.
  Staging】 【martial arts
  【Period】 classical martial arts
  1, Paladin period
  1, the first phase, forming period.
  Tang chapter in the martial arts to its peak, the various layers of legend and the shape of the various warrior written all affect the later Ming and Qing martial arts and Chinese opera legend.
  Qin and Han martial arts is the first chapter, are: Han Fei stresses "Confucianism to the text through law, Xia to force taboo." Qian Piece "Knight Tales" and stresses the lower birth Ranger, illegal anti-law, re-righteousness, heavy commitments, re-hatred, evil bullying. Qin and Han, Ranger lashing by the various schools, very few martial arts chapter.
  Six chapters, followed by martial arts, including: Six of social unrest, Chivalry refers to the military to rely on people-indulgent and his ilk, no good or bad. Gan Bao's "Immortals", remove the supernatural part, is authentic martial arts. Liu Yiqing "Shi", there is recorded knight chapter.
  Then the late Tang Wuxia legend are: Tang is a conscious art, martial arts with the development of Tang molding. Very dense wind of the Tang Dynasty Knight, Li Bai, "ten steps to kill a person, a thousand miles without leaving any lines." Increasing complexity of social life in the Tang Dynasty, and more broadly the concept of chivalry, where powers, all ages, the disappearance or rove the mountains rivers and lakes, to act in them registering Wu Xia. Legendary martial arts class, its success is high, such as Lee Kinsuke the "Xiexiao E Biography", Peixing the "Kunlun Nu", "Nie." Chinese martial arts novel chapter notes, Kang Pian's "Opera on Record," in quite excellent work, but to be inferior to the more than Tang.
  2, the second period, the formation of
  First Colloquial martial arts. Song words of art-house division, so that, as a special martial arts style of literature separate from fiction. Such as "Lee from Ji", "10 Long." Song Sketches of the martial arts articles, little development, and worse than martial arts articles Tang notes.
  Then the Ming Dynasty martial arts novels in the content, such as "The Water Margin" Lu Zhong articles, this is the continued development of martial arts, should be given a certain status. "Gods" is a fantasy type a master of martial arts. Song to time, social unrest, a large number of people take the risk lower, sworn struggle, martial arts, and therefore mastered by the masses, more heroic heroism as a mass hero action, thus diluting the mystery swordsman.
  Finally, martial arts novels. In order to solve the contradiction between the social life of the late Qing, reflecting the underlying will of the people and embodied in the heroic chivalrous ideal of clean government upper wonderful people in the novel combination of collection methods to reflect the customs of the original city in Late Qing Wang. Since Shi Yukun's "San Xia Wu Yi", the various martial arts scholars long race there. Such as Yu Yue's "Five Seven Chivalrous meaning" anonymous "Xiao Wu Yi", Culture and Sport of the "children of Heroes", which marked the formation of a stable Chinese martial arts novels, the form of independent existence - the chivalrous novels.
  Second, the Republic of martial arts during the
  The so-called "old martial arts" period, beginning in the twenties, thirties climax, the decline of the forties. 20 years, witnessed the 1911 Revolution and the national revolution in the weak and ineffective, people knight warrior hopes to create a new world. In 1923, novelist 平江不肖生 sent south of the "Heroes of Modern Chivalry," the advent of the beginning of the creation of the old martial arts climax. Meanwhile, the North sent writers Haizhulouzhu, Wang Du Lu ("Crouching Tiger"), Gong, white, Zhen Zhu Mu ("Brilliant magic island") and other influential people. Old martial arts martial arts martial mainly fiction, martial arts novels in depth it makes the general public, so that the modern novel system of martial arts become an integral part.
  The Five Republic of martial arts: the natural Kai (1889-1957), pen name unworthy students, Hunanpingjiang people, representative of "Wild Swordsman." Zhao Huanting, birth and death unknown, the representative of "Loyalty transfer is a sequel to Swordsman." Gu Ming (1896-1944), Suzhou Wu people, representative of the "wild river Lady." Li Shoumin (1903-1961), renamed after the liberation of Li Hong, pen name for the Huanzhulouzhu, Sichuan, masterpiece "Shushanjianxia Biography." Miyatake Heart (1898-1966), pen, white, masterpiece "12 money dart."
  【Period】 traditional martial arts
  1, Hong Kong and Taiwan during the martial arts
  The so-called "new" martial arts, or during the era of great martial arts. 50 years of the 20th century, the martial arts in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the commercialization and popularization in the trend of the formation. It is represented by Liang Yu-Shen, and Jin Yong wrote a fictional story of the history of the martial arts for the content of a literary genre, that the New Culture Movement, the martial arts under the influence of the new literature and began writing after the vernacular style of the new kind of literature . Masters of this age of giving birth, Liang Yu-Shen as the start for the climax of Jin Yong, Wen Jui-climax for the second time. Jin Yong, Gu Long, Liang Yu-Shen is also known as "the new martial arts three people."
  About this time the martial arts in "Chivalry" is defined, Liang Yu-Shen stresses "the chivalrous old novels, mostly of the ruling class bird dog, the new novels of the Xia, is the hero of social pesticides; Chivalry refers to the act of justice - meet the interests of the majority of behavior is the behavior of Xia, the so-called 'for country and people, great swordsman'. "
  Most martial arts at this time broke through the Republic of China Swordsman Sword battle of wits, martial strife, killings of Ticaifanwei Biaoshi and greenwood, more the performance of the people struggle. Focus Characters in description, used along with Chinese and Western techniques, breaking the stereotype of the old martial arts, martial arts of the spirits removed the old colors, the story of the miracle requirements strictly limit the "human potential" within. The drawback is the New Chivalry of chivalrous hero Superman, they jump out of the Three Realms, the five elements are not in everything, everywhere. Lack of realism, depth, yield to business needs, barnyard out redundant laws, routines of the story.
  1, the first period, Liang Jin Dynasty
  Jin Yong (formerly Cha, 1923, Haining, Zhejiang origin) of the "Book and Sword," began writing in 1955 in. "The Eagle Shooting Heroes," written in between 1957 to 1958, is the fourth martial arts novels of Jin Yong. "Condor" laid the status of Jin Yong's martial arts chief and is recognized classics. Jin Yong finished with 17 of his 15 years of martial arts novels, but also novel in ten years all of these 15 revised it again. Jin Yong is not writing to the end of 1972, creating in effect during the Cultural Revolution.
  2, the second period, Gu period
  3, the third period, the temperature during the yellow
  Wen Jui (born in Malaysia), 1973 as "Sidamingbu Council Capital", 1981, as "Divine Swordsman," "Blood River Car" and other important works. The early eighties Yong, Liang Yu-Shen have creating in effect in 1985 after the death of Gu Long, Hong Kong and Taiwan martial arts a dying. Out of "novelty, change, and break the" psychological, Wen Jui-end 1986 line of large pushed "super new style martial arts", or "modern" martial arts, what a large amount of mainstream literature introduced martial arts. Cao Zhengwen in 1989 listed it as the representative of the third generation of martial arts, with the first generation of Jin Yong, Liang Yu-Shen, adding that the second generation of Cologne.
  Yi, whose real name is Mechanical Activated Starch, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Art graduate. Huang Yi resigned in 1989, vocational high pay, seclusion Islands mountains, Tibetan style poly water, the focus in writing. 90's, soon to unique martial arts, hit Hong Kong and Taiwan both. Huang Yi Publishing Co., Ltd. established in 1991, published 大唐双龙传 other works. Huang Yi's works great scenes from many things, amazing. Only the description of the martial arts moves seem too hasty, less than convincing. In addition, Huang Yi works are often directly into a historical era, rather than history as background. This is the advantage, but also by the constraints of history.
  Second, the mainland martial arts period
  1, the first period, 20th century, the mainland's 80 "martial arts fiction"
  Martial arts (martial arts, and martial arts are different, the concept of a large number of) the content of the novel likelihood or the performance of the martial arts swordsman in history or from the perspective of the martial arts performance in the history of volunteers to fight and all kinds of social contradictions; performance of Wushu as the main Modern means of struggle, the modern revolutionary struggle, the poem much. Therefore, the "martial arts novel" is actually a martial arts oriented.
  In the 80's, from the movie "Shaolin Temple" triggered the wave of martial arts in the country set off, the issue of martial arts much more than a purely literary works. In 1981, Hubei, and other folk art association founded on any clear, "King of ancient legend," began running a series Ouyang Xuezhong's "legendary Wudang Mountain," Nie cloud "Jen." In 1982, Wang Zhanjun as "white Touch of Zen", is the pioneer of 80 years for the martial arts. In 1984, martial arts martial arts novels have been gradually replaced by the term and trend.
  80 years of the 20th century very few martial arts boutique, good works are: "White Touch of Zen" and the first to break the mainland disaster restricted chivalrous themes for the 80's martial arts novels sounded the rise of Overture. Willow Creek's "Thieves 'swallows' the three legendary Lee" Ping Yunan's "heroes in Tianjin Fearless", Feng Jicai's "Supernatural Whip", are also representative works of this period.
  2, the second period, 20th century, China's martial arts 90
  That is, the mainland's "new style" martial arts, is the author of the Hong Kong and Taiwan the mainland martial arts parody. A series of martial arts from the Canglang Ke works, we can see traces of imitation. Canglang Ke, formerly known as Yao Fei, Yunnan Normal University, a professor specializing in classical literature, published in 1990, "a Jianping Jiang Hu", which can be seen as the mainland's first work new style martial arts. Martial arts during this period, the overall lack of cultural awareness to enhance the fine, the main road along the New Chinese martial arts stories, works of very limited practical impact.
  Over the same period of other writers are: Ching Lin e, in the early 90s with the "Dawn Fung Kee evil" and its sequel, "Green Monkey White Tiger Power" 2. Fire pears, Shanghai intellectuals, written in 1995, a "surprise dance leaves flowers." Baorui, Xinhua, the representative of "martial arts scroll Kyoto" series of all six, "drunk Zhangsan Ye", "Form and Meaning in Knight recorded", etc.. Xiong Mu, the North who, by nature bold, first work as a "skeleton people." Wei Qi, the representative of the "golden posts Grand Theft Auto." Shuro, masterpiece "duck blood."
  【Period】 modern martial arts
  The so-called "new" martial arts "in the new century martial arts", "Network martial arts," "China" martial arts period. 90 late 20th century, Huang Yi martial arts orgasm died down, with the rise of network literature, martial arts writers of the network of readers more and more choices, more and more discerning tastes, under pressure, had the traditional writer strength approach, there are some higher quality martial arts. Shanghai 1999, the "heroes and who discovered" in 2001 in Wuhan, "Jinguchuanqi martial arts version of" Zhengzhou 2002 "martial arts stories" and other magazines started publication, contributed to the development of martial arts.
  In 2004, "Jinguzhuanqi martial arts version of" half-monthly the newsletter editor Paul Cheng pure proposed "21st Century China" martial arts concept, referred to as "the mainland" martial arts, the main conclusion of the continent, the creation of a number of martial arts writers. In June, "" martial arts from the Changjiang Literature & Art Publishing House Birch magazine launch. The same period, Hong Kong and Taiwan in particular, the creation of the island of Taiwan should not be overlooked. Mainland New Knight has a clear intellectual atmosphere and consciousness. Zheng Bao pure say, "I think the new concept of martial arts should not rigidly adhere to magazine and book publishing, but should refer to a cultural trend!."
  The martial arts are divided into four categories: youth martial arts (funny and does not make sense), such as "Ranger Xiu Xiu." Fantasy martial arts, such as "Zhu Xian," "Immortals." Female martial arts (category romance), such as "blood Wei", "Mirror • Twin Cities." Type of traditional martial arts, such as "Kunlun" "Hero Zhi", "land so."

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