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  In the early 20s, medium, appeared on a novel called "Country Novel" works. "Local Literature" refers to the early 20s, medium, number of resident in Beijing, Shanghai, writer, home of their own customs and familiar theme, the rule of law to reveal the number of rural life, ignorance, backwardness, and to express their nostalgic Fiction. These writers Feng Wenbing (Fei Ming), Wang Lu-yan, Tai Jingnong, Peng Jiahuang, Xu Jiedeng.
  Local rise of the novel, is a new literary fiction of "54" too Westernized a novel anti-allocated. "54" Humanism novel pursuit of a clear-cut and modern western literature and language reference and drawn a line of traditional Chinese fiction, the novel realization of the revolutionary, but "54" novels and therefore there are many disadvantages. One is conceptual, the novel became a writer deductive thinking, in the form of the expression of ideas, just that the problem mainly in the novel; second, Europeanization, mainly concentrated in the romantic novel. Romantic novel way not only in lyrical direct borrowing of the 19th century romantic literature of the West (especially the works of Rousseau) lyrical way, but also in shaping the lyrical hero is also too much by Rousseau and Goethe's "Sorrows of Young Werther" and impact, which this school is not in narrative fiction as fiction, while in another non-native language. In view of this defect, a new literary writers have called literature "local color" to promote literature should "grow out from the earth's personality," called writers "must apply to the ground up, the soil atmosphere, taste through the mud his pulse, reflected in the wording. " Thus, the early local novel in 20, mid-rise, actually started after the new literature in the construction of the revolutionary symbol, reflecting the pursuit of new literary realism.
  Creation of Local Literature and the earliest proof of their artistic charm, is Lu Xun. However, both Lu Xun or local writers who became known as the young writer, in the early 20s, medium, have not explicitly used "local literature" or "Country Novel" concept, but not advertised in this phase. Home of the earliest memories of this group of writers, describe nostalgic novel called "local literature" is Lu Xun in 1928, "Novel two sets of Chinese New Literature Series Introduction". Later, the concept that people will follow these writers in this period the alleged creation.
  Local fiction writers many of which are directly affected by the influence of Lu Xun and consciously begin to imitate the writing of Lu Xun, Lu Xun largely modeled after the critical features of national character, less artificial, to overcome the conceptual, with a simple and true face of the then Fiction community began an breeze.
  The main features of local fiction, first writer to critically examine the practice home of the wind, on the ignorance and backwardness for sharp satire and criticism. Second, local fiction writers often With Sorrow Misfortune, Blame Him depict the complex emotional life and suffering but numb, ignorant people from his homeland, sympathy and criticism, irony and pity are intertwined to form a local novel, blending comedy and tragedy The aesthetic style. Third, criticism and ignorance custom painted home, numbness of human nature, sad life, the local writers still Yizhu not live on love of hometown, and this attachment is often intertwined with a sense of loss, which mostly have depression lyrical novel tone.

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